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Search Engine Optimisation can be made easier if you have the right tools for the job, here is an SEO enhancements toolkit or top 10 list of tools that we use here at Digital Technology Labs. This is a brief post detailing some of the tools we use here at Digital Technology Labs.

1) Google Analytics – this allows you to directly monitor the traffic on your site. An analyse how you are performing on search keywords.

2) Google Web Master tools – a great companion tool, that gives you information on how Google sees your sites, how it analyses your keywords and also what your site pages index statuses are, and allows you to submit pages to Google, and provide a sitemap.xml to google.

3) Siteoscope – this is a fabulous SERP tool (Search Engine Optimisation tool), what it does is aggregates the data from the above sites, plus social media sites and competitors, and presents to you how you are doing on your chosen keywords and gives your trends.

4) SEO site check up – This is a great tool for testing how you are performing in terms of SEO / Search Engine Optimisation, and by performing a large number of tests, it can give you very detailed recommendations on how to improve your sites SEO.

5) Nibblr – A similar tool to the above, but gives a lot more recommendations on code quality, marketing, experience and mobile responsiveness. A really good tool to help improve your site’s overall quality and SEO.

6) Browser Stack – A great tool which allows you to test your site on virtually any device, operating system (OS) and browser. Invaluably useful when testing a new site / change / fix, and also tracking down mobile responsiveness issues, and testing to make sure they are working.

7) Yoast wordpress plugin – A very powerful tool for your WordPress blog, which gives a traffic light recommendation on each page, as to how Optimised it is, can help you tackle issues with the content and optimisation and overall improve the quality of the meta tags, and overall SEO.

8) All in One SEO Pack – very similar to the above, an alternative in fact, it’s lighter weight than Yoast, but gives some good guidance in terms of the meta information that should be populated.

9) Google XML Sitemaps – This is another WordPress plugin that automates the creation of sitemaps, and therefore publishing new content to Google search.

10) Google & Google+ – The actual search engine, is a useful place to start when looking at how your site performs in terms of search, so it’s definitely worth having on the list! And Google+ local business search is important; make sure you have verified your business locally!

And that concludes the short list. Please let us know if you have any recommendations for other tools we should be using or evaluating.