My initial impressions of the iPad Pro 12 inch can be found in this blog post. I was convinced to buy it based on two things; 1) that the pencil on glass is as close to a digital notebook that anyone has ever created, and 2) that with it’s keyboard it can be a very good laptop replacement.


So instead of buying a Macbook or Macbook Air as a new lightweight laptop, I’ve gone for the pro, for the above dual usage points. So I’ve just unwrapped it, put in all the required information like passwords, and downloaded all my apps and media from my previous iPad.

So the kit list included;

  • The 128GB wifi iPad Pro 12 inch
  • The Apple pencil
  • The Apple Smart keyboard

My initial response when unboxing is the screen and device is gorgeous, and really big! And the keyboard works really really well. And a few hours more of playing and I am loving it even more. It’s brilliant as a sketch book. For example here are my first two sketches using the iPad Pro and pencil;




After a few days of usage, I can say this is next generation. I have fallen out of love with my Macbook Pro and now think this is the only way to work! I am absolutely loving it. Maybe some of it is to do with the iOS 9 upgrades, but multitasking, by pulling a second app from the left is absolutely fabulous. And the app swapping screen is great. Plus you can apple-tab between apps!

Drawing is superb, pressure sensitive, it writes very well; Good Notes, Moleskin and Sketch II are my favourites at the moment. It does everything my laptop did, but much much better. Then only gap is programming / coding, but I’m working on a solution for that!

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