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Digital Technology Labs is proud to present the latest website from Clear Insight Counselling. The website is built using the Weebly website building cloud service, which offers a graphical user interface for building websites, but also allows you to add bespoke HTML code.


We were asked to help with some finishing touches around formatting certain parts of the site. In addition, we created a responsive header, that was based on a beautifully designed logo header. With the header as an image, when resized it would be too small to see the text and contact details on devices such as the iPhone 5S. As far as we could tell this required something bespoke that you couldn’t build directly in Weebly.

Therefore offline we built a responsive version of the header, with CSS media queries, that responded to several devices in both portrait and landscape. We tested on smart phones, tablets and desktops, of different form factors, using Android devices and iOS devices, MacOS devices and Windows devices. Once the responsive header was created, we then imported it into Weebly using a custom HTML code insert.

This resulted in a professional, attractive and fully responsive design.

If you would like some finishing touches, adjustments, additions to Weebly or Wix or a brand new site please get in touch with us.