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Digital Technology Labs is a Innovative Software agency, specialising in web design, web development, app build, proof of concept creation, and bringing your ideas and products into reality. I thought I ought to talk a bit about myself, Kevin Gordon, the founder and face of Digital Technology Labs.
I have 15 years experience and counting, working for large companies such as Ford Motor Company in digital innovation, events and retail store regeneration and Worldpay, the world’s leading payments and eCommerce provider. I have also experience with Imagination, the world’s largest digital & events agency, Pivotal Labs – who create some of the world’s leading apps, and a number of other digital marketing and advertising companies.

I’ve built a capability for creating rapid development pods that can build proof of concepts quickly, and larger teams that can build robust and scalable financial processing systems. My skills range from various disciplines of digital and infrastructure architecture, through to agile software development, and building creations for the web and mobile. This includes building sites from scratch, or adapting templates, building native apps, and also digital marketing, Search Engine optimisation, and social media strategy. I also have a keen interest and UXP (user experience design) and wireframes, and have fantastic graphic design capability.

Digital Technology Labs was created from a desire to start my own business, and on the advise of experts I consulted, the best way to start a business is to base it on something you know. I feel I’m very knowledgeable in the above areas, and those are the skills I can bring to the table, and hopefully get the opportunity to show you and supplement what your own goals are.

I’m based in London and Essex, which is where my client base is mostly located, however I do work outside of those domains, and can travel within and outside that area.

I am friendly and professional, here to give advice, and want to help you with your business by being enthusiastic and supportive.

I can be found on Linked In here; http://www.linkedin.com/in/kevingordonuk