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This is a tutorial or step by step guide for the migration from AWS to go daddy. It’s worth taking a moment to take stock of the motivation behind this, I signed up to AWS for the free tier, only to now being paying $100 / month to host a fairly simple WordPress site. This had to stop, and I saw an opportunity to migrate to Godaddy. Here’s how I did it;


1. Sign up, end up being £20.39 / month for 5 sites, 5 SITES! That’s about £4 / month!!!!
2. There is a wizard for migrating your site!!!! My initial thoughts was fabulous
3. Admin username and password; easy peasy
4. Ah shucks, it needs the FTP username, host and password. Beginning at 23.48….
5. Logon to ec2, make sure ‘sudo yum install vsftpd’ or ‘sudo apt-get install vsftpd’
6. Setup ftp rules (TCP custom) 20-21 and 1024-1048
7. Make changes to the config file as per http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7052875/setting-up-ftp-on-amazon-cloud-server
8. Restart ‘sudo service vsftpd restart’
9. Create an ftp user. Lol… It’s now 00:32 and still can’t get FTP working 🙁 After an hour and a half…. Worked out is was listening on localhost, and this was purely down to the vsftpd, and there was a setting that made it do this… By switching the IP it listened on from to ftp started working.
10. Well after all that…. The Godaddy wizard appears to like the credentials! Wow…. It says it will take 30 minutes to 2 hours…. I think I will wait a little while and see if it bombs out…
11. And after 1/2 hour it failed …. The ftp didn’t have permissions so using; Sudo usermod -a -G … Adding to the appropriate groups…
12. Had to delete the failed instance through godaddy
13. Then created a new manasged instance….
14. 1:36 – migration pending…. Again think I’ll wait and see if successful this time…
15. Failed again, so tried again in the morning; apparently the permissions were wrong, so recursively set to chown -R bitnami:bitnami then chmod -R u+rw * and chmod -R g+rw *….
16. Re-trying to see if it will work now… Back to migration pending
17. Failed again… Can’t get it to work. (started on https://uk.godaddy.com/help/move-your-wordpress-site-manually-12371 but it isn’t very easy to follow). So I changed tact and decided to do it myself; so install all-in-one WP Site migration plugin, and chose to export
18. The Older plugin was incompatible with newer plugin, and the newer plugin wouldn’t install, luckily setup Filezilla earlier, so downloaded latest plugin and overwrote older plugin, then new plugin began to work!
19. Once the export was complete, I went to the new wordpress install (that I had created through Godaddy) and installed the WP all-in-one site migration plugin, and chose to import the file. My file was under 512MB so worked without needing to pay for the upgrade.
20. The import took a few hours to upload the data, and then the setup / expansion of the files happened pretty quickly – at this point the site was now hosted on Godaddy and working!
21. The final step was to migrate the domain name; first you have to add the domain name (without www) to Godaddy and make it the primary domain, this will give an A record that should point to an IP address.
22. For your domain settings update the DNS record, removing previous A and CNAME records and add the A name as above.
23. For me it took 2-3 hours to properly propagate before my site worked with the new Godaddy hosting.
24. I now have a fully migrated website! And shall be turning off Amazon AWS very soon.