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This is a short blog post on some of the things I found out about boosting my first video post on Facebook, and I like to think of it as a mini-adventure!


I posted a video introduction to Digital Technology Labs, this one;

I set the initial boost to £14; two pounds per day over seven days (or 1 week). And I set the audience to twenty five to forty nine years old, and location to UK, and then let it start. I was quite pleased with the cost and number of impressions I was getting.

Then I realised that the video doesn’t have subtitles and makes no sense without the voice over. I tried editing the video in order to add subtitles, but Facebook said I didn’t have access to edit the video. I tried disabling the ad, in the hope that it would unfreeze the video, to no avail.

So I created a new version of the video with titles / annotations built into the video, so they would appear for all viewers. I tried replacing the video in the advert – there didn’t seem to be a way of updating the post. So I changed the advert from using a post to utilising a video, on uploading the video it requested mp4 but would not allow me to select and mp4. So I used quicktime to convert to mov and that it accepted.

Once loaded the advert was then live. However there was no longer a reference to the new video in my video library – this sucks because how do I then see the stats for the video.

So I bit the bullet and ended the boost on the first post, and posted basically the same thing with the revised video (uploaded a fresh / a second time as a post). Things seem to be working now, and I’m hopeful the subtitled video will perform better.

The advert manager on Facebook

For some reason this is really difficult to find or navigate to. You need to go to the down arrow in the top right hand corner next to the padlock icon. Then choose ‘Manage Adverts’ then follow the links into your account.