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Package: Basic Premium Premium+
Editable YES YES YES
Site template Basic Premium Bespoke
Build price £340.–* £685.–* £1,885.–
Yearly hosting £55.–* £85.–* £125.–

* Prices are indicative, and are quoted without VAT. We charge VAT, so please note the final price will have VAT added on.

At Digital Technology Labs we specialise in building software for you. We offer three simple web design and web development packages; basic, premium and premium+.

Basic, £340.–*

A standard simple template, that is editable, all for £340. We host this on wix, weebly, S3 or WordPress depending on your requirements, and hosting fees will vary depending on your requirements.

Premium, £685.–*

Our premium package is a fully customised and premium design, for £685. This is typically using a free premium base template, for a paid template there will be an additional fee. This is typically hosted on WordPress.

Premium+ £1,885.–*

Our premium+ package is a fully custom or bespoke design, built solely for you, with a brand new logo and graphic design, for £1,885. This includes a fully bespoke design built for your needs and would be built on WordPress or S3 depending on your requirements.

New Logo £337.50*

We can work with you to develop a new logo for £338. Please refer to our latest logo creation blog post for more details on how we would create your logo.

eCommerce, add £100.–*

eCommerce is available on the premium and premium+ packages for an an additional £100 if taken as part of the initial site build. Additional hosting costs apply depending on the choice of eCommerce platform (Shopify, WooCommerce or Bluepark).

Free no obligation quote

For a free no obligation quote, please ring us on 07989 781634 or alternatively email us at hi@www.digitaltechnologylabs.com, or for even more ways to contact us, see our contact page.