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I’ve been experimenting with creating a brochure for Digital Technology Labs. Here is a look at the first brochure created:



I’m pleased with the results. I have experimented with printing this out on my Ink Jet printer, stapled, as you can see here:



This one was printed with Snappy Snaps, using a white ring binding.

However I’m not completely happy with the binding of either, and I think the form factor perhaps makes printing difficult. So I have created the brochure in a form factor that is more easily printed:



I found that somewhere like Lynhurst Press Printers (http://www.lynhurstpress.co.uk/) in Basildon can do one thousand A5 brochures with 8 pages for £183.

I was considering doing a print run, and sending these out in the mail to companies. However after a long discussion with my NWES business advisor, and considering that 1% is the usual maximum return, I came to the realisation that this is a very expensive option, and I’m better off investing £183 in Facebook or Adwords marketing, than printing and sending physical brochures.

However I think I may get a small quantity printed e.g. 25 for £63 – that I can give away to potential new clients.

Download our DTL original brochure here.

Download our DTL latest A5 brochure here.