I realised recently that I had been working extremely hard, and not making any time to relax. So, when I did it was fantastic to be relaxing, unwinding and chilling out. I thought I’d list several things that really worked for me to relax:


1. Plan a holiday – Having a holiday to look forward to is actually quite motivating and relaxing itself.

2. Go on holiday – when you go if you do need to take your smart phone with you, and computer, laptop, tablets, etc, then veto yourself from actually working. Responding to some high priority emails is okay – doing hours of work is not.

3. Get accommodation with a hot tub – I really truly mean this, having a hot tub was extremely relaxing. It may be the whole ritual, or preparing some beverages, getting changes, running to out to the hot tub in the cold, and then getting in and sitting in the bubbles; relaxing, drinking and chatting for hours that was extremely relaxing and awesome.

4. Slow down and don’t plan everything – I stopped trying to plan everything and filling in all my time, I went to bed when I wanted (early or late), and got up when I wanted to, which was usually quite late! And I napped when I wanted to. This did wonders for putting me into a zen place and giving me more energy!

5. Write everything on a to do list (and then stop thinking about it) – it took me a few days before I was focused or relaxed enough to do this. But this worked fantastically well, I time boxed it to one hour, and wrote down everything that I needed to be doing for my business, and classified everything as high, medium and low priority. And for all high priorities, I was able to classify that none of them needed attention until I returned from holiday.

6. Go on holiday with someone awesome – I went on holiday with a friend, rather than my partner (who is also awesome!). What made this so important was we were both there to relax, and had an absolute blast chatting about anything and everything, plus working through some of life’s clear and present stresses through chat.

Bonus one…

7. I didn’t do this myself, but setting up an out of office on email is a great idea. It let’s the person know that their email has been received, but also manages their expectations as to when they are likely to get a response.


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