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Little did Nintendo know that when Super Mario Brothers was released in the late ‘80’s with it’s catchy anthems, bright pixels and engaging characters that they would create a phenomenon that would last through the years and create a legion of adoring fans and according to its Wikipedia page it has even recently been named in a poll by IGN as the ‘greatest game of all time!’.

Fandom for this great game has manifested itself in all sorts of places, from cosplay to themed games nights and even into the surreal and strange world of… crochet. That’s right, a quick Internet search reveals the lengths (http://www.boredpanda.com/super-mario-crochet-map-blanket-kjetil-nordin/) that some super fans will go too to express their love and devotion to the fun game from their youth that just won’t give up. Still trying to save Princess Toadstool again and again, even though she will keep getting kidnapped by Bowser (some even suggest in the darker realms of the internet that she might even like it a bit too much, but who are we to judge!?)

We present below some of the more amazing works we’ve managed to find. And if we could find someone to make us something like this we would of course be eternally grateful!










Disclaimer; photos taken down immediately on request.