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So what is SXSW – or South by South West – it’s a conference of three parts, including music, film and interactive. It is the interactive part that I attended this year.

What made it this year, and some of my highlights were not the sessions themselves but the networking opportunities and the people I attended the conference with and new people I met. And for those new to SXSW, SXSW stands for South by South West, and I mainly attended the Interactive section. Here’s a good set of tips for SXSW noobies.

That’s not to say the sessions weren’t good.

However I started with the plan that; i) I did not want to go to panels as panels had been really poor in previous years, and; ii) Not to attend things too obvious – or too close to what I know, the best session I’d been to in previous years are those that were a bit out there.

Themes and sessions SXSW

So some of the sessions that were great were as follows;

1) Artificial Intelligence and machine learning themes:

Machine learning intro (and a bit dirty), specifically it was giving an overview of the landscape of AI, machine learning and deep learning, which was very interesting.

Emotional intelligence and machines, this included some amazing footage of a computer interpreting the emotions of Steve Jobs as he was talking about the events that led to the creation of the iPhone.
Speaking with machines past and future, and live coding demo – fabulous, and it was fabulous because it was interesting, a gift in my understanding of the subject, and the live coding demo was great.

For the full article and more themes and what it was like please view the full article here.