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N’s Auto Services was a pretty website in need of a rebuild, I’d already spent time making the site mobile responsive, but the static nature of the template meant that it was taking increasingly long to make changes to the website.

So I set about migrating the site to WordPress, rebuilding it using Elegant Themes ‘Divi’ template. And here are the results http://www.nsautoservices.com:

N’s Auto Services desktop render

N’s Auto Services mobile render

Creation of the style guide

In building the website, I developed a new palette of colours based on what was already there, and some rules around a set of premium fonts I could use for the site. From this I developed a style guide, some of which you can see here:

Use of the logo

Creation of a colour palette

Choice of premium font

Overall notes on the project

Overall a very satisfying project that brings an attractive website into the now, and future proofs it – with beautiful typography and retro colours. It is truly mobile, tablet and desktop responsive now. Plus it’s much easier to maintain and change things, including creating new pages, or new content on existing pages. Watch this space for future enhancements.