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We are proud to show you our website design process, bringing you our latest website launch Martin Engleman’s Equity Release Essex website here: http://www.martinenglemansequityrelease.co.uk.

Wireframes for website design

We started by taking the content and branding and completely redesigning the user experience from the ground up. We built the design in wireframes. This was using the tool Balsamiq, which allows you do rapid website design.

The finished site

We usually would do a sketch app render of the site. In this case the client was very fixed on the look and feel colour scheme, fonts and branding. Therefore we moved straight into build and below is a render of the finished article:

And it’s not just look and feel, it’s making sure the sharing features on social media and search engines work correctly. Rendering the page with the correct image, and correct keyword and descriptions. The website features some low entry call to actions to generate enquiries. Also the website design features a fresh responsive design that works on mobile and tablet as well as it does on desktop.

The new logo was designed very simply in canva. The client did not previously have a logo. Therefore we wanted to give the site a personality, a branding and a central theme that was coherent throughout. That is why we chose the url ‘MartinEnglemansEquityRelease’ and used the same title for the site, and the logo.

How we approached the website design

In this scenario we formed the opinion around how the site should look and flow, and the client was reasonably comfortable with the new design and site build. However the final design of the site was iterated through with the client. The client had a preference for much larger fonts, header, and more bright hues for the colour scheme.

Please reach out to us if you’d like a similar treatment on your existing website. Using our website design to bring your site into the modern era.