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This is a blog post talking a little bit about project progress this week.

It’s been an enjoyable week. We have been focusing on two live projects. Project progress has been great. The first project’s client briefing has happened and we have now completed the wireframe. With a full render of the homepage in Sketch App on mobile and desktop. Plus we’ve done them a style guide for their site too. This is a really fun project due to the large creative scope we have on this project. The clients need and want to significantly improve their current on-line presence. We love re-designing websites from scratch. And in comparison, the project progress on the other project has been significant too. I shall talk about that later.

Branding and style guides

With the branding, the company already had a rough idea how they wanted the logo to look in terms of typography. That led to creation of a monochrome colour palette with a few additional bold grey colours, in comparison to their current website it looks fresh. Which! endorses the company and this is a key USP. Most of all they want the Which! endorsement clearly displayed on the website. The use of the Which! endorsement has inspired he accent colour and we think it looks great.

For the accent colour we chose a red colour to complement the red from Which! Enabling the Which! endorsement logo to sit comfortably in the website, and to bring the monochrome and grey to life with a splash of bold colour, plus letting all the images of work carried out speaking for itself.

Progress on the other project

The other live project, already has a full site plan and wireframe. Several different renders of the home page were provided, and the customer wanted to go in a particular direction. Therefore the direction taken was then complemented with a style guide by us. In addition, what also helped was putting the rendered wireframe on mobile and tablet using In Vision. This allows it to be previewed on a device, and for more information check out In Vision here. Then after written approval for the design phase over email, we proceeded with the build phase.

The site build is looking good, but there are a couple of elements that are still jarring for me (like the footer). In this case we need a new design solution for a couple of elements. In addition a couple of the company service pages are missing content. The clients will provide feedback soon when they return from holiday, on these items and the full site build.

Future updates on project progress

As a result of the above work, we shall continue to blog or post on social media on the progress of these projects, as progression continues.