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DNS propagation can be the root of all evil in trying to launch a website. Our latest website is live here http://www.richardbullupholstery.co.uk however there were some worrying moments when it didn’t seem to be live, and there were some issues with the name servers and DNS records.

Thankfully there’s a few services that can help.

DNS propagation useful services

https://check-host.net/check-dns – Check’s where your domain is actually pointing too around the world
http://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/tools/visual-domain-routing – Gives a visualisation of your DNS setup
https://mxtoolbox.com/domain/ – Allows you to look up the records
https://www.whatsmydns.net – Allows you to see the DNS propagation around the world’s major locations / DNS servers.

Some tips

OA few tricks I try are as follows. In local DNS, domain settings can become cached sometimes. This can be, even if propagated. To test this I try using an LTE/3G/4G data connection. This usually does the trick. Alternatively I use browser stack https://www.browserstack.com as it’s a good way of testing remotely on a different DNS somewhere else in the world.

The launch

The name servers were hosted elsewhere, with was a problem. On requesting the transfer of the name servers it wasn’t immediate. There was no indication that this wasn’t going to be immediate. The support line shuts after hours, therefore, I had no idea how long this would take. So I sent them a support ticket asking them to update the DNS settings. Because easy space wouldn’t allow the DNS update console to updated the DNS records until the name servers were set and correct.

Long story short, is the name servers changes after a few hours, and I got access to the DNS settings. Then it took a further few hours for all the DNS changes to start propagating around the world. The MX records were supper quick, the name servers, and A records were very slow taking a number of hours.

I then setup a https certificate on Go Daddy, and https would not work. GoDaddy then assured me to sit tight / to. I waited for the changes. The server had the https certificate applied. However suddenly the https server was pointing to the old site. This was because the old name servers became cached in the DNS again! So I went to bed at that point, and in the morning everything had propagated and was good.

Reach out to Digital Technology Labs

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