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Our latest stats for October are as follows. For the sites we host we had over 1,500 unique visitors to 9 websites, so an average 166 per site in October. There were over 3,500 page views thats on average 2.25 pages per visit, which is pretty healthy. With an average duration of 2 minutes 12 seconds for each site.

In October we had 5 website builds in progress. And we launched one 2 new sites in October http://www.martinenglemanequityrelease.co.uk (brand new) and a refresh of http://www.nsautoservices.com.

Things starting up again

So things have started to take off again. The following video gives a bit of an explanation about where things are right now:

New web developers

In a nutshell, I have rekindled my passion for designing and building websites, and so I’m actively progressing this project again. Purely as a hobby, but with a plan to train new web developers, with the vision of having a network of people I can use for the work, if more projects come in than I can progress on my own.

So I’m looking for people who are keen with aptitude to learn about WordPress, and how to build websites. If this is of interest please get in contact.

What’s next

We currently have launched 2 websites in November http://www.roamerscaterers.co.uk an https://www.richardbullupholstery.co.uk, and have another 2 ready to go live very soon. Please note that we do builds on our own hardware, or your own hosting. We typically recommend hosting on WordPress, but we also do bespoke builds on Amazon S3 for non-content-managed sites. Our goals are to help drive traffic to these websites and increase he number of visitors.