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I set myself the task of getting historic temperature data from Hive, and it turns out it’s quite easy – at least to manually extract it. I went into Hive, went to ‘My Hive Home’, click on ‘heating’, then scroll down, and it gives the temperature over different periods of time.

You can get this for day, week, month and year – and you can mouse over to get the value. For example:

I was able to find the external temperature max / min for each of the days of November here:


Which is fantastic.

Plotting the average temperature versus the temperature in the house gives the following graph for temperature data:

Which is interesting that is shows the temperature is staying pretty stable in my house no matter the outside temperature.


Wouldn’t it be great to capture all that data, into a database? And wouldn’t it be great to get more fine grained data per 5 minutes or so. What would be awesome is if I was monitoring temperature inside and outside my house, myself using a raspberry pi. In addition wouldn’t it be great if I had a web cam at the front and back of the house taking pictures every 5 minutes. Then I could have something processes in the images for brightness. Maybe through in how much the electricty is costing and that would be really cool.

It would give me an IoT (Internet of Things) house, which is a project I would like to take up sometime in the future.

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How to access the Hive temperature data

Here is a tutorial video created 5th January 2019 with details of how to access this data.

I hope this is of use!