Basildon discount offer – For a short time, we are offering Basildon businesses a 10% discount if they enquire and sign-up for a new project by the end of January 2018.

We are based in Basildon (Langdon Hills) and would like to give back to the community during this period for those looking to start 2018 with a brand new website.

Who does the Basidon discount offer apply to?

If you are a business or individual who is either based in Basildon or lives in Basildon, the Basildon discount applies to you. (Therefore you have a premises or home that has a Basildon address and postcode).

Why we’re doing this Basildon discount

In terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) we always recommend to our clients that you start out small, and work on a smaller geographical location first, before then growing and building on top of that. So here at Digital Technology Labs we started with the plan to get ranked for ‘web design Langdon Hills’ – and we are now ranking number 1 for that keyword phrase, which we are happy about.

There is obviously a lot more traffic to the keywords ‘web design Basildon’ and ‘web design Essex’. Therefore we’re looking to expand our ranking to become ranked for ‘Basildon’ initially. To track this we’re using the tool – as it offers free popularity tracking for your keywords.

Then as I’ve been told many times ‘content is king’ so I’ve started brain storming ideas for content that is relevant to the geographical area, especially Basildon. Content that enables me to talk about Basildon. I’ll then be publishing this on social media.

So my microstrategy at the moment is creating and publishing content that is relevant to Basildon. And that’s where this article comes in. My plan is to do a nice graphic for social media too – to indicate the offer is available.

How to take up the offer?

To take up this offer, just remember to mention you saw the blog post for 10% off for those based and living in Basildon, and when we send you you your quote it will include the full costs with the 10% discount applied clearly. This will enable you to easily see the saving you have been provided.

Our prices

Take a look at our detailed price break-down. We offer 3 packages from a basic package, then a premium package (with a beautiful new professional design). And then finally, our premium+ package (with an additional new logo and branding).

Getting in contact

To get in contact please follow the link to getting in contact with us.


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