Happy new year I say! And what a year it’s been.

Starting up a business again

The last quarter of 2017 saw rekindling my love affair with web design, and web dev. My creative juices are once again flowing, and this is now a fabulous outlet for my creativity. What is wonderful is I had a set of tenacious customers that stuck by me, and I now have a wonderful fledgling team of freelancers helping me organic glow the Digital Technology Labs business.

A happy new year present for you

I have a few presents:

  1. Firstly if you happen to live or operate a business in Basildon, then if you sign up for a web design and build project by the end of January 2018 then I will apply a full 10% discount onto all your project costs!
  2. Here’s a link to our latest newsletter https://www.digitaltechnologylabs.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/DTL-newsletter-number2.pdf (note it’s a PDF, sorry about that, I may future ones in email or html format…), and if you do fancy keeping up-to-date with our latest news and exclusive offers then why not subscribe to our mailing list here
  3. Some of my favourite tools are Canva (create fabulous graphics and banners for your website and social media), Social Oomph (schedule your Tweets – for free!), SEM Rush (track your SERP position in search for your keywords), Logo Joy (generate a logo, using AI and machine learning!), Gimp (photoshop but free), Inkscape (illustrator but free) – you are very welcome!
  4. My Netflix and Amazon Prime recommendations are ‘Mind Hunter’ and ‘The Sinner’ on Netflix, and ‘Mr Robot’ on Amazon Prime. You are welcome!
  5. Here are the secrets of our web design and website build process, note we’re based in Basildon (Langdon Hills) Essex, but that doesn’t mean these can’t be applied everywhere around the world!
  6. Here’s a Tetris inspired version of our logo, animated!

A mini-retro of the year?

Well that talks about where we’re at with Digital Technology Labs, thinking forward we’re really excited about what 2018 holds. However as a mini-retro from 2017, we learnt a huge amount about the business, ourselves, and working back in a corporate environment.

One last word of advice

Happy new year, and one last word of advise, when embarking on a new project it’s easy to get bogged down and not see the wood from the trees. Or to get into a rut. Or the valley of disillusionment where I got, and then quit… However FOCUS is the important thing that I have learnt that I need. Just like taking a small slice of a cake and eating each slice in turn will get the cake eaten quicker then just going at the cake. So it’s important to ‘cut the cake’ or be laser focused on a smaller number of activities in order to get your goal sooner.

This little sketch illustrates this perfectly…

Have focus, achieve your goals

Have focus, achieve your goals

Happy new year everyone!


Kevin Gordon
Founder of Digital Technology Labs


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