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One way we can work for you, is from a graphic design. This may be for a variety of reasons:

1. You yourself has drawn up sketches and graphics of how you want your site to look.

2. You have already employed a designer to create wireframes and graphic designs (UI designs) for your site.

3. You are a designer but you have no-one to code your website for you (we can help with that).

4. You are a marketing agency, who requires extra resources to builds website(s) from your designs.

5. You are happy with your current website, but you want it rebuilt as responsive and re-hosted somewhere else.

Graphic Design prerequisites for the build

We would typically expect the following design assets to be in place for us to be able to commence the build:

1. A site map.
2. Wireframes for each of the pages, including the textual content / copy.
3. Web-rendered versions of all assets including images and fonts.
4. A small UI guide (preferred) that shows the colour palette, and how fonts and colours will be used on headings and buttons.
5. Links to social media, and links to the individual videos on video sites such as youtube/vimeo
6. A graphic design, or UI design showing at least the homepage – for sites that are primarily scrollable. For those pages which are split into pages with most of the content above the fold, several pages ought to be provided designed.


We’re always open to the idea of collaborating or working together with designers or marketing agencies, who can provide designs, on which we would provide the build. For these types of agreements, we would establish a terms of working together and an appropriate chargeable rate for the build costs.

Kingstons graphic design

Kingstons graphic design

If I provide the graphic design for the project, how much does it cost me?

We have published our packages and prices here. Of course they do include design work, so when approaching a project in this way we typically would look at the design assets and establish how much remaining design work is required before coding / build can commence. This will affect the price, and so would be quoted for on a case-by-case basis.

A bit about us regarding graphic design

Of course you may wish for us to do the graphic design, if so great. We at Digital Technology Labs, based in Basildon / Langdon Hills in Essex, have capability in the full end-to-end website creation process. So whilst we can focus primarily on your website build, we can also work together to do the wireframes / sketches, and to do the graphic design (UI design). Please get in contact with us through one of our contact channels.