SEO performance improvements from last time

In the post here, I gave a brief intro to what I’ve been doing to try and improve SEO and my search engine position. Also know as SERP – or Search Engine Results Page analysis. Well I’m delighted to report I’m now in the top 4 on Google for ‘Web design basildon’.

SEO strategy to achieve 4th place

I have been using the following strategy to improve my search engine rankings, additional to what is discussed in the post above.

  1. Maximise the traffic receiving for popular blog content. I’ve reviewed some of the content that was being searched for and noticed whilst it was generating traffic, it had a very high bounce rate. So I have significantly upgraded the content and look & feel for these pages, and hope this has had an impact. I also put adverts back to the Digital Technology Labs home page.
  2. Increase traffic from social. I’ve spend a lot of effort increasing the number of followers for @digitaltechlabs from 268 to now (hot off the press) 501 followers. Which I think has increased the number of people going to the Digital Technology Labs website via my Twitter profile
  3. Ran a competition, to attack people to find me on search and then click. See the article from last time
  4. Engaged with social media marketing influencers on Twitter – I have been able to share, like, and get a few responses for some key influencers in my social network. These posted got shared to their feed, and so generated me more impressions for my Twitter account
  5. Continued to auto tweet at least once a day.
  6. Tagged content on social media with #webdesign #basildon

FYI I’m tracking SERP position on different keywords using

Conclusion on SEO

I’m now trying to figure out what I can do to go from 4th on the list to 1st.


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