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iPhone X why I love it; because of so many reasons. This is a blog post where I’m going to try and put into words some of the reasons why I think it’s a fantastic phone and piece of tech.

Here is a bit about why I really love the new iPhone X. It’s because I feel that it really represents a massive progression after everything that has gone before it. This is both through it’s visuals, but also about the user experience. I’ll try and break this down into why I love it:

The reasons why I love the iPhone X

  1. Beautiful screen, in colours, brightness, and how it’s curved – love that it’s curved, love this so much. I actually like the notch, I thought I wouldn’t get on with it but I do.
  2. Portrait mode, I’m addicted to taking pictures at the moment as the camera – especially portrait mode is amazing, it’s like my phone is a DSLR camera!
  3. No button, at all – feels like the jump from iPod to touchscreen, and feels like you’ve got a giant touchpad on your phone. I thought it wouldn’t work, but it’s one of my favourite features.
  4. Face ID – to unlock the phone; it works brilliantly – a big surprise, and is so much more convenient than using finger prints / finger ID
  5. More coherent OS – this is the enhancements in iOS, but how everything just makes sense, and works together really well, e.g. the new control centre.
  6. Haptic feedback, e.g. on the open Camera button is really good.
  7. Its a very pretty piece of hardware; the screen, the form factor, any angle – and the software / operating system is great.
  8. I haven’t found anything about the phone I don’t like yet.

iPhone X – how and where to buy

Well if you already wanted one, or if this tempted you at all, go here to the apple store website and place your order! I purchased on-line then collected in the store, which is always a really good experience. I always prefer to go direct to Apple to buy this stuff – as you never get the same premium experience with other non-Apple providers.