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It’s funny in life how you discover things by accident and then wish you had of discovered them much earlier! This is pretty much my relationship with developing and building websites. Since I’ve been working on Website Development I’ve not looked back.

A short bit about me

I started my own e-commerce business over two years ago selling womens ‘vintage style’ shoes.  I always fancied exploring the challenge of setting up my own business.  At the time I’d been working for IBM for a number of years and felt it was time for a change (a big one at that).  I spent over a year researching and developing the business and sourcing shoe suppliers.

One of the key requirements of setting up an on-line store was launching a website.  To get this up and running I worked with the super talented and friendly web developer Kevin at Digital Technology Labs (DTL), based in Essex. Working closely together we designed and launched my e-commerce store.   I thoroughly enjoyed the process of designing the website and felt a great sense of achievement when it was launched.

My next steps

A few months after launching my online store I got a part-time job for a small Essex web design business.  While building my business up I needed another source of income. I was actually applying for an admin role but soon found myself working on clients’ websites as well as going out to talk to clients about their website requirements.

One thing has led to another and I now find myself working again with Kevin – although this time around I’m happy to say that I’ve now become part of the DTL team as a Web Developer.  While I still run my online store on the side, I have to admit that building websites has somewhat taken over my life.

I’ve found something I love to do

Through website development I get a real sense of satisfaction. Supporting a variety of small-medium sized businesses and building/launching their websites, so they have a strong on-line presence. I love the whole process of creating something from a blank piece of paper (so to speak) to having a professional, effective website.

At DTL we use WordPress for website development, to create websites to clients specific requirements. We also provide other services such as, logo design, on-line marketing (i.e. Google AdWords, Facebook campaigns) and help clients rank higher on Google searches through SEO.

If you’d like to find out how DTL can support your business get in touch for a free, no obligation quote on Tel: +44 (0) 1268 906092, email hi@www.digitaltechnologylabs.com or visit www.digitaltechnologylabs.com