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What do we need to know about website development?

Entering the world of website development can seem quite daunting at first. All these different words and phrases are passed around that mean almost nothing to you.

HTML5, CSS, Javascript to name but a few. They sound good, very techy and important. But what do they really mean?  Well, before you can go anywhere in this business, you need to understand not only what these terms mean but how they are used for building websites

How do we find out more?

There is an amazing amount of resources to help you navigate this tricky world and there are some very clever people who have been busy sharing information, but the information can be a bit too technical and can fell slightly overwhelming, making it not very easy for the amateur web designer to understand.

If you look carefully and are patient, there are plenty of sources of information who speak in layman’s terms, making the world seem a little less scary and a bit more accessible.

Here is a video, presented by Danielle Thé, explaining all about the three terms above. Not only in a really accessible way but also using Lego. How cool it that!

There are also a wide variety of free online courses available which are a great way to get started. Check out udemy.com and alison.com for some excellent resources.

So, what have we learned?

HTML5 is the builder, the basic information that you would want displayed on your website.

CSS is the artist, the stylist. It takes the basic information from HTML5 and translates it into the way you want it to look visually.

And Javascript? That is the wizard. It puts in all the finishing, interactive touches. Autocomplete, animations, etc.

And all these elements work together to create the website that you had always imagined. There, easy isn’t it!

I’m sure that one day I’ll get the hang of it. I hope they don’t make any changes in the meantime…