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So here goes, here is my current list of my 7 coolest street art.

It’s always a bit fraught putting together a list like this. Not only because art is so subjective but there is so much beauty and variety that sometimes whittling it down to a small list can be extremely difficult.

I have picked some of the street art that I particularly like not only from British artists but also from around the world.  Some are small one-off pieces and others have inspired on-going world-wide projects.

Digital Technology Labs love being inspired by street art and feeding that design and creativity into our website development.


01 Delete Key Keyboard Street Art

01 delete-billboard

I think this is cool because pop-up adds, be it on the computer or on the streets, are actually quite annoying. In real life these ads can take away the beauty and aesthetics of a place, even if it is a simple paved wall. An artist called Ji Lee, who is a part of the New York Street Advertising Takeover, has designed and installed Delete Key Billboard in place of an illegal and non-permitted ads. This is such a simple and clever way to take something ugly and unwanted and over it up with a clever graphic of something we can all relate too.


02 The ‘Before I Die’ Project

02 Before-I-Die-NOLA-writing-1000x602

This is such an inspiring project that was started by Candy Chang in New Orleans after a personal loss.

With help from old and new friends, Candy turned the side of an abandoned house in her neighbourhood in New Orleans into a giant chalkboard and stencilled it with the sentence “Before I die I want to _______.”

They then left sticks of chalk and left it up to strangers and passers-by to complete the sentence as they wish.

On this board there is a space for all thoughts to be heard and appreciated for their own uniqueness. Comments ranged from seemingly frivolous thoughts, like ‘have fun’ and ‘get a mini tiger’ to more deeper thoughts, such as ‘get clean’ and ‘I want to be heard’.

This project was such a success that is has now inspired similar projects all over the world. Boards have sprung up in communities in Mexico, the Netherlands, Australia, Kazakhstan, Canada, and cities all over America and beyond.

If there is a derelict building covered in boards, what better use for that space than a project like this that reimagines public space into a place to reflect on what matters to ourselves and to our communities.


03 3D Street Painting Pac-man

03 cool-graffiti-love-pacman-Favim.com-2669982

There’s nothing better than being reminded about all the fun you had when you were a kid and what could be better than stumbling across something like this in the middle of a hard work day?

This 3D street painting is made in Venlo, The Netherlands. It is inspired by Arcade’s video game Pac-Man from the ’80s. Looking at this just makes me want to grab the remote control and go after that cherry, even though I know I would be much better to grab all the pac-dots…


04 Mario Selling Mushrooms?

04 supermario-mushroom-police

I couldn’t find much on the origin of this picture but, again, it blends so nicely fun thoughts of childhood games with the hard reality of adult life. I like the imagery of Mario being busted for carrying illegal mushrooms. Oh Mario, you should have just stuck with trying to save the princess. Although, it does look exhausting when I play, and I guess he has to fund his rescue efforts somehow.


05 Street Artist ‘Megx’ Creates Giant Lego Bridge in Germany

05 lego-bridge-5

Again, on the theme of harking back to my childhood I came across this and I just love it!

What a wonderfully inventive way to make a generic and boring space fun and exciting. I can certainly think of many places that could do with being beautified in this kind of way.


06 Lego Tagging Is Awesome!

06 lego-street-art-4

This very cool guerrilla project is the concept of visual arts specialist Jan Vormann of Dispatchwork in Berlin.

What better way to upcycle old and disused lego blocks from your childhood or that your kids have outgrown than to make the world around you more fun, exciting and beautiful. The lego is used to fill spaces in cracked or broken pavements, walls, windowsills, really any public space you can imagine.

Projects like this have now sprung up all over the world and the original designer has set up a website and Instagram page to log the progress of the scheme. I for one this it’s pretty cool and would love to see some of it in person.

07 Raining Paint in Norway

07 street-art-norway

For my last cool pic pick (see what I did there?), it’s again on the theme of childhood. This is such a pretty piece of work. I love the use of colour, and the representation that children see and enjoy the beauty of the world around them yet once you reach adulthood you lose the ability to see this. A stark reminder to us all to enjoy the world around us and to never stop seeing the beauty and wonder that surrounds us every day.


So, there you go, I hope you like this list. Do you have any favourites or would you have added anything to the list? Keep an eye out for more lists coming soon…