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My recent MacBook quandary

I was recently faced with a particularly difficult MacBook quandary. What MacBook do I get? Now this might sound a bit frivolous to some, but it was actually an important question.

I had the opportunity through Digital Technology Labs to have either a new MacBook air or a second hand (around 1 year old) MacBook pro.

I’m not going to lie, was torn. I could have had a completely new air in moments or wait a week or so for the pro which in my opinion was the better MacBook.

I’m not going to lie, for a few heady moments I did say I would take the air, which I would have been able to use straight away and in all fairness is a pretty tasty piece of work.

However, my logical head took over and I did eventually say I would wait for the second-hand Pro and boy am I ever glad that I did.

Why I’m happy with my choice

What is not to love about this machine. Firstly, it is a Mac which in my opinion makes is so much more user friendly. I always say that Laptops are made by people who like computers, but macs are made by people who love users. It is so intuitive.

The Pro also has the super-cool Touch Bar at the top of the keyboard. While you might think that you won’t use it very often is does become a pretty essential part of your daily use fairly quickly. Before you know it, you’ll be switching between browser tabs, changing screen brightness and volume, answering calls, changing font and other editing options or even choosing which emoji best serves your mood at the time.

The Touch Bar is also very cool as it also forms part of the security set up. The Touch ID similar to that of the new iPhone and allows you to unlock the MacBook, make purchases and switch between users. All at the touch of a finger. How cool is that!?

Is there a down side?

I know some people have missed the MagSafe charger but to be honest you get over that pretty quickly. Now the charger is a USB3 and can be plugged into any of the thunderbolt points (2 on each side). This is quite convenient if you’re changing where you’re working so the charger can be changed to suit you. I have had to get an adaptor so that I can hook up flash drives, printers, etc. with a usb2, but it’s hardly any extra time to do so and it’s not something that really bothers me.

The speed of the processors area amazing. Much faster than my old MacBook that I had for several years (and has now unfortunately been co-opted by my daughter) and it’s so much quieter and cooler too thanks to the inbuilt fan system. The solid state hard drive and inbuilt cooling fans mean there is less chance of overheating during long work sessions. I can perform all my tasks in twice the speed (and sometimes more) than before just because everything happens so much faster than before.

It’s really why there’s nothing else quite like a MacBook! You can find your new toy HERE. You can also find out our opinion about other Mac products Here.