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What is a smart bag?

If you’re a working professional these days then you’ll probably have come across a smart bag or two.

In the world we live in now it is essential that we always have our electronic equipment close to hand. This might simply be a handheld device such as a phone or tablet, or something more complicated such as a laptop.

If you require these throughout your day then you know you need to worry about two things. Security and power. Each as essential as each other.

Security is of course what we all think about these days. We don’t want anything to happened to our devices, either being damaged or being taken. Power is also essential. It would be awful to be in the middle of an assignment or a call and all of a sudden you are cut off because your battery is now out of charge.

But how can we make sure that we keep our things safe and make sure that we have enough Juice to keep going throughout the day.

What’s so special about them then?

With all the advancements in technology it’s not surprising that complementary accessories are also advancing. And they are called Smart Bags.

These smart bags are designed to look and function like normal handbags, backpacks, even luggage, with small differences in design and technology. Who remember the early days of the laptop bags? Awkward bags that dragged on or dug into shoulders. Then simpler messenger style bags that became popular but generally didn’t look very attractive and became clunky as soon as any additional chargers or stationary was included in the pockets.

They are also functional. Easy to use, to store your devices safely and securely and comfortable to carry on your person. They are usual designed with anti-thieving technology in mind, making them harder for pick pockets to access and penetrate.

Another very cool feature is that they have easy access charging and headphone points. You can hook up an external battery within the bag and all you need to do is plug a charger into the external point and you’re good to go. No more messing around with pulling out packages and cables and figuring out which end goes into what, it’s all so simple now. Some of the better ones now come with inbuilt GPS trackers which you can trace in case the bag is taken.

Some examples of available smart bags


Smart Bag with USB port


Connected carry-on smart bag


Smart Handbag – World’s Most Advanced Handbag

What are you waiting for?

There is so much choice out there and considering how much of our lives are dependent on our portable electronic devices, it is really something you should be considering introducing to your daily commute. I did, and I love my new bag! It does everything I want and it’s so comfortable to use. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the old style bag!

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