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It has been a while since my last post, though Sarah has been doing a stellar job in producing Blog content for Digital Technology Labs. I thought it was time I checked in and did a blog with a DTL update. This will be an update of some of the things going on at the moment.

Our focus on growth

Our production process has expanded significantly in the last three months. We did struggle for a time with a significant backlog but we have been striving to utilise our freelancer network to get through the backlog, and we’ve been putting in some robust processes in order to help with things in general.

The tools we’re using right now are as follows (and this has been part of a pro-active initiative to improve how we operate):

Float – We’re using this to manage the projects and tasks at a high level, and manage resource utilisation, and scheduling of client work for you.
Trello – This is our collaboration tool, kanban board, and where all the details client tasks are captured.
Get Harvest – Our favoured tool for tracking our time, and managing the budget for each project.

Things that we’re looking into are accounting and bookkeeping software, and a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool, to keep track of customer engagement and leads generation. We have also experimented with paypal and paypal.me this week for taking paypal and credit card payments, and I’m happy to say it works very well! In the next DTL update we hope to have some progress on these tools too!

In our latest DTL update, we’re delighted to welcome Karen Males to the team this month, who is going to be doing some part time financial analysis work for DTL.


So we’re hard at work implementing a series of recommended changes to all our client’s websites. If you haven’t heard from us yet, please do reach out to us. Though the deadline is gone, there is still time to make changes to your website – to ensure you are compliant. Hollie and Sarah have been leading this work, and you should have heard from them. Do please let us know if there’s anything more you need us to do.

Read all about what you can do for GDPR here, and in our blog post on making DTL, GDPR compliant, here.

Growing our following; competition coming soon

We’re got some aggressive targets to grow our number of likes on Facebook, and followers on Twitter. Sarah has had the fabulous idea of running a competition to ask people to like and comment for the chance to win some really cool swag. So do watch this space!

Reviews are the life blood of a new agency

It’s really important for any young agency to get reviews from it’s clients. We’d be delighted if you have used our services, that you would leave us a review on Facebook here, or send us a testimonial to us via our email here.

Where Kevin has been

I have been in San Francisco for the past week, so Hollie has been taking the reins on everything. This was for a tech conference on subscription based payments, an extremely interesting conference. Though having only spent a short period out of the country, I now feel heavily jet-lagged! Ample napping this weekend has with a little bit of luck sorted me out for the week ahead!

So what have we been up to

So in May, we’ve had several projects in flight, including website builds and refreshes. We’ve had several new websites launched – we’ll make some announcements on some of this very soon. We have done a charity film shoot, and produced not one but two videos for that charity (BSTLC) to help with their crowd sourcing campaign here:

Their crowd funding page opens on Monday 11th June at 2pm – so please reach out, share and pledge!

Oh one final thing for our DTL update

We’ve also revamped our pricing structure. So check out our new prices here.