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Following on from our past blog (HERE) this is a new list of our top 9 coolest workspaces.
01. How pretty is this workspace? The light pastel colours and hanging plants make the space feel fresh, alive and a great space to be creative in.


01 mrscarlissa


02. We love the minimalist look and this workspace. A nice large space to work on and the little touches of colour in the plants make it feel like a space you can relax in and just let the work flow.


02 Elegant-Workspace


03. We really love the creativity of this space. The bright yellow stands out against the pale background and Mac and the little details make it. The mini Lego figures are cool and did you spot the pencil and pens hiding in the plant pot? Very clever.


03 georgie-cobbs-459520-unsplash
03a georgie-cobbs-467924-unsplash


04. More space that needs some general upkeep. Plants are a great way to keep relaxed in the workplace. Tending them can relieve stress and having them in the general area can be calming. A great way to make your workspace pretty, and also really like the retro lamp that has been universally adopted by Pixar.


04 chang-duong-480253-unsplash


05. This looks like a great place to work. Minimalist inside with a great view to look out of. Even when you’re stuck inside working away you can feel like you’re outdoors and enjoy the vista. We really like the laptop stand too. Possibly a re-purposed lap tray but it looks great on the desk.


05 jc-gellidon-452177-unsplash


06. This is a great minimalist design. Imagine coming to this uncluttered desk every morning. A great way to start the day free of rubbish and clutter, just ready to get on with the day. And the splash of green really stands out against the stark background.


06 jessy-smith-534048-unsplash


07. This is another minimalist style workspace and the chalkboard background on the wall is a quirky way to make quick notes or quick calculations. I imagine it needs cleaning well each night though. Just remember to snap any important thoughts before they get washed away. The double layered desk is cool too. We like the way you can store important items off the workstation surface and yet they are still so visible just in case you need them quickly.


07 Minimalist-Workspaces-Room-Ideas


08. This space is such fun. Clean with bright flashes and personal touches. A small view to see the outside while busy working away and the chair looks so comfortable, it makes us just want to sit down, relax for a moment then get on with the tasks of the day. It’s so uncluttered that we know we won’t be distracted and the bright pops of colour make it an interesting space to look at and work in.


09 WorkspaceGoals_Minimalist


09. And finally… this is what we’re talking about! The trifecta of workspace perfection. A minimalist workspace, some greenery to make it fresh and pop, and, of course, Mario over the walls. What is not to love about this space. We want it!


08 workspace_inspiration_10adhamdannaway



Disclaimer: images found on social media sites, and google, if you want any of these pictures taken down then please get in contact and we will remove immediately.


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