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Latest DTL news – this post is just a quick update of everything that is happening on DTL at the moment.

Incorporated company and new address!

So we now have plans to incorporate the Digital Technology Labs company, so we will become a limited company! And in addition from this we will have our own brand new London address too! We’re excited to be becoming a limited company. We believe this will allow us to grow, build capability and also we’re intending on having a small launch event and all supplier and clients are invited !

New team members

We’re delighted to welcome a number of new team members, including a new hosting provider team, extra PHP developers, an extra Web Designer, and extra a Web developers. We’re also working with a work experience person, who is doing a great job for us! Details will be revealed once they are all fully up-and-running and embedded in the team.

New capability

Our expanding team gives us deeper capability in web development, especially advanced PHP development, HTML, CSS and Javascript. We’re been gaining traction in making amends to in progress sites that need help across the line – or face-lifting existing sites. So this is something we may be able to help you with.

Our processes and projects in progress!

We’re delighted to report we’re super busy here at Digital Technology Labs! We’re currently migrating all our tooling to one consolidated tool. This means timesheet, tasks, project plans, tickets, invoicing, etc is going to be in one place. We’re also excited to be launching a customer portal – which will our you, our valued clients to get full visibility on the progress of your project, ticket or task! Watch this space – and do reach out to us if you’d like to help us pilot this (the customer portal) before a full roll out.


So loads happening, it’s a fantastic experience, building a new boutique web design agency – and we hope to continue to blog about our latest news, new tech, and what we’ve learnt from our experiences.