I was somewhat flummoxed when I ran out of space on my Zoho email account today, and in finding out how to resolve, I decided to write this Zoho email archiving how to guide.

So how not to do it

I started by thinking that I could drag or copy the email out of Mail on the Mac – this worked for one email – but didn’t seem to work for multiple emails. Very frustrating. So I then tried using the archive feature. However it archived the thousands of emails, only to check on Zoho online and they weren’t archived, and when I refreshed Mail they were not archived. And it took me absolutely ages to find the archived emails in Mac Mail, argh!

So how to do it – the how to guide

  1. Open Outlook on Mac (you’ll need Office 365 for this).
  2. Select all the emails for the date range you want to back up
  3. Drag these into a folder – this works on Outlook perfectly! And thus you have a backup
  4. Delete the emails on Outlook, and then empty trash.
  5. Sadly this did not successfully delete them from Zoho – but the backup was successful.
  6. So I then logged into Zoho and did a search for email before the date in which I wanted to delete.
  7. And then I deleted the email.
  8. And then I emptied trash.
  9. And HEY PRESTO – I went from no space to 50% free – ta dah!
  10. That’s it.
  11. It seems relatively simple, but took ages to work that out!


There has to be a better way of doing this. I urge Zoho and Apple to find a better solution, but for now the above process on Zoho email archiving how to guide should work for you. Please don’t forget to share, comment below, and if you like this article why not sign up to our newsletter or view some other related articles below?



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