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Did you know that you can post pictures to Instagram from your web browser? Well you can in just a couple of easy to follow steps.

Enable the Develop option

The first thing you need to do is enable the Develop option on your browser. You do this by doing the following:

    1. Tap Safari tab on the menu bar and choose Preferences in the drop-down menu
    2. Click the Advanced tab
    3. Check the box next to Show Develop menu in menu bar

Instagram from safari 1 DTL Langdon Hills

Once you close Preferences, the Develop menu will now be visible between Bookmarks and Window menus

Instagram from safari 2 DTL Langdon Hills


Choose User Agent

The next thing you need to do is trick your browser into thinking you are looking at a website via a mobile device, not a static desktop device.

  1. Tap Develop tab on the menu bar and hover over User Agent in the drop-down menu
  2. Scroll across and select either the iPhone or iPod optionInstagram from safari 3 DTL Langdon Hills
  3. This will trick your browser into thinking that you are viewing Instagram from a mobile device and you can now post images to Instagram from your Mac Safari browser.Instagram from safari 4 DTL Langdon Hills


There you have it

Pretty cool right. This is particularly useful if you want to do more than simple image editing, if you are working on other projects already on your laptop and can’t be bothered to open up everything on your phone, or even if you just want a larger viewing platform for when you post.

Do you have any handy tips for Instagram or Safari? Why not share them below.