We are proud to announce that Digital Technology Labs (DTL) is now a member of ORB – the Organisation for Responsible Businesses. DTL has been on a fabulous journey over the last few months going from a sole trader to a limited company through to taking on our first employee. For me, Kevin Gordon, as the founder of Digital Technology Labs I believe that ethical and responsible practices in a business are key to the foundations and existence of a business.

ORB member accreditation

ORB member accreditation

We care about our people

A lot of thought has been put into our mission statement and key values and we are happy to have made it public on our website here:


We do this by providing freelancer flexibility in terms of hours and remote working. DTL strives to foster an open and supportive work environment. This allows our employees and freelancers to work at their most creative. And thus enabling them to be their best in and out of the work environment.

Work experience is something we offer, and even though relatively new to the process, we are excited to have already had one college leaver spend a month with the team. They spent this time learning about the creative industry and web design. We are delighted to report that they have successfully got onto an Apprenticeship scheme in Chelmsford.

Our belief is that real and open relationships drive good business, so we strive to connect with our employees, freelancers, customers and suppliers on a personal level. DTL therefore tries to be sensitive to the whole person and their needs, and open to the hard conversations, and not just the job at hand.

We care about our environmental impact

For a web design agency, we don’t have a great deal of processes that have an environmental impact, but we do use electricity. In fact, our hosted services could potentially use a lot of electricity. That is why we have gone with a hosting provider that is environmentally friendly and achieved an electricity supply of 100% renewable energy sources. See below for more details:


While we love meeting with our clients on a face-to-face basis, as we believe the personal touch makes for a better business relationship, we are conscious of our environmental impact through travel. DTL is also keen to make the most of all the different technologies available to us and utilise Skype and other means of communicating with our staff and clients.

We care about our local community and supporting charities

Through our community/charity support we have provided hosting, technical support, training and website builds for a number of charities in the local Essex community on a pro-bono basis. This is something we were delighted to be able to provide.

Also, we had the opportunity at short notice to produce two videos for the BSTLC to help with their Crowd Sourcing initiative. This was to help businesses and charities to work together, and to help support charities in the local community. I’m delighted that this has contributed to their fundraising and helped establish this as a permanent page on the fundraising site. It was a great project that gave us some really good experience that we can use going forward with other projects.

We care about technology

Technology is something we care about; we may have mentioned this once or twice in our blogs, but we absolutely love Apple. I have invested in some Apple Macbooks to help enhance our team’s skills. We love working with these amazing products and look forward to seeing what innovations they come up with next.

We care about what’s next?

Hollie Shaw, our first employee has a great background in Corporate Responsibility and is working on Digital Technology Labs’ corporate responsibility strategy – so watch this space! We will do this congruent with the ethos of ORB, and we will be working to more align ourselves with the key values that ORB strives for.

We plan to expand over the coming year and are looking forward to celebrating our one-year anniversary as an incorporated company. Incorporating the company is a milestone that I am definitely excited about. Watch this space as we shall be planning competitions and events to celebrate, if all goes to plan! Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to keep an eye out for our plans.

As a business owner, it really does feel that together the team at DTL are building something for the future. I feel I am investing in making something special. It did start with creating a metaphorical factory without all the foundations when I started up the company. However we’re now getting into a much more stable way of operating, with great underlying processes and policies, filled on top with lots of creativity, enthusiasm and production capability. And then with a dab of fun thrown in – but always professional.

The art of creating something

It is a really enjoyable journey. And creating something from an idea or a brief and bringing it to life by writing lines of code, which turns into something interactive, or by sketching ideas and rendering someone’s beautiful logo. The latter is especially exciting, as presenting back to a client is a leap of faith. As hard as we’ve tried to meet the brief, the client always has something special in mind. It’s therefore extremely gratifying to get it right and for the client to fall in love with their new logo.

But again at the heart of it is the people, working with the client or working with the designer, developer, project manager or content author, etc. Real collaboration generates the right atmosphere, it’s in our ethos, and it leads to the right result.

We are also looking forward to continuing to build on our relationships. Both with our current and future clients and to growing and supporting our DTL family. I am very excited about what the future will bring.

Final thoughts about how we can help and our involvement in ORB

And remember your time is precious, let us help give it back to you. We can do this by augmenting your technical team and helping you support your website. Let us help you keep your website fresh and help you create content. Our assistance includes helping you climb the search engine ranking. We also can help you set-up and run digital marketing ads. And the jewel in the crown is our hosting and protection service. This keeps your website up, stable, fast, and protected again external threats. We are here to help, so please reach out, we’d love to help you. We will continue our journey as a responsible business. And we are keen to progress other activities which we shall be logging on the ORB site and blogging about here too.


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