This is about the evolution of our business cards. Our business cards are evolving here at Digital Technology Labs!

When we got the ‘new’ rebranding this is what our business card looked like.

Business card original

Business card original


Then I met Martin Engleman at his eBang networking afternoon, and he agreed that the aesthetic quality of our business cars was excellent – but it has a big flaw. It does not have a job description or description of what the business does.

We then added some text to the business card to add this additional information.

However, I wasn’t 100% happy with adding this much detail.

We have had a rethink, and to pull in elements from our email banner, we’ve removed the new information, put a bit of information about what the company does so it’s very clear. And added our photos on to the business card.

Here’s the latest design:

A few other Tips

  1. Leave as much of the card white / or a light colour – that way the recipient can make notes on the business card. A dark or black business card cannot be annotated
  2. Always check, double-check and triple-check for any typos and that all the information (e.g. email address or phone number) is correct!
  3. Use higher contrast graphics for printing compared to a computer screen. We had an issue of the colours blending in on our logo when printed – we have resolved this by using higher contrast blues.

Thanks and how has your business card evolved

Thank you for reading, please post about how your business card has evolved in the comments! If you like, please comment or share! Thank you.


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