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We attended our very first Business Expo as an exhibitor. We went to The Billericay & Stock Expo on Tuesday, 17th September. It was quite nerve-wracking for us as it was our first time as a business. We didn’t know what to expect in terms of visitor numbers, etc. so we kind of prepared for everything, including bringing a book in case no one turned up.

Well, not only did we have a great time talking to loads of people about their businesses but the numbers on the day mean that we were quite busy right up until the end of the day.

billericay stock business expo stand

billericay stock business expo team

What did we do before the Business Expo

Before the Business Expo, we tried really hard to think of everything that we might need. We weren’t too sure about the size of the table we’d have on the day, or the layout of our personal space so we started with a list of things we definitely knew we needed. We came up with a checklist on Trello, our favourite Kanban tool, to keep a track of even the smallest things we might need and who would bring it.

We also discussed how our days would go on the day. We knew that there would be opportunities for speed networking, head massage and there was also an opportunity to get a professional headshot done too. How were we going to make sure the booth was manned for the whole time. As it turned out we were so busy that we had hardly any time to step away from the table.

billericay stock business expo team table

billericay stock business expo team stall

What did we do during the Business Expo

Well, arriving at the expo venue was ok but I have to admit, I did loiter around the car park until my colleague, Hollie, arrived. When we arrived, we were shown to our table, number 12, and quickly began to set up. We had brought all of the stuff we needed for the table, so Kevin set up the tv to show the Social Wall, Hollie set up her laptop to display some of our work and I set up the table.

We went a little low-tech on our display board though and put together a whiteboard with information about our competition. Well done Hollie for your fab design!billericay stock business expo low tech


Once the doors opened and the general public started coming it felt like we blinked and then it was lunchtime. We managed to grab a bite to eat. Kevin did the speed networking event, which he was pretty nervous about but loved afterwards. And Hollie and Kevin both took advantage of the opportunity to get professional headshots done. Keep an eye out for them on social media!


Did the day run smoothly?

Yes actually. We thought that it was organised really well, and obviously well advertised because there were so many people attending. Some people popped in during their lunch breaks or before or after work. Some people came with a plan to spend a lot of time visiting lots of stalls. We even had a visitor who only approached a couple of stalls with specific intent and then left so that connecting with those types of businesses quickly was all they were after.

There was an opportunity to get a massage, but we were all so busy, and then so was the masseuse, that we all just ran out of time and missed the opportunity.

At the end of the day, after slightly losing our voices from all the talking, we managed to take a little time after everyone left to do our power poses. And stretching out our backs like this felt great at the end of the day. Find out where we came up with this awesome power pose!

billericay stock business expo team power pose

billericay stock business expo team power pose

We also needed to break down the stall which took a bit of time and we ended up being one of the last businesses to leave. Oh well, the place we were at had a bar, so we had a little celebratory gin and tonic to finish off the day before making our way home.

Our Competition Winner

billericay stock business expo winnerWe ran a competition on the day asking people to sign up to our newsletter for a chance to win one of our branded Digital Technology Labs flash drives. Corrina from P & C Construction and Cleaning won our prize draw and we luckily ran into her on the way out so we were able to give it to her in person. Well Done Corinna!

What happens now the Business Expo is over

Now it’s all over we need to make sure that any contacts made during the day are all followed up with. In fact, a couple of people have pre-empted me and already made contact on LinkedIn and via email. It’s great that they want to get in touch with us!

We’ll also perform a little bit of data analysis. How many people came to our stall, who signed up for our newsletter, etc. I’m sure we’ll be meeting up with several people over the coming weeks for coffee and a chat.

Any final thoughts?

After not really knowing what to expect, we actually quite enjoyed the day and feel completely confident that we would be able to do another event without any issues and with full confidence!

Do you fancy coming along to our next expo and get your chance to #meetdtl?. Book tickets to our next event now!