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Welcome to our first Thought of the Day article. What’s this one about? Well, much to our shame it’s over half-way through the month and we’ve yet to post a blog. Argh! What have we been doing with ourselves?

Well, firstly, the month has just got away from us. We’ve been in the great position of being constantly busy, which is fabulous. And now we’ve arrived at this point.

Another thing to consider is that coming up with regular content can be really difficult. Writer’s block is definitely a thing, and you can be staring at a blank page thinking to yourself…

‘what to write, what to write, what to write?!’

Well, what do we write about? We’ve had a nice mix of all thing’s techie, a touch of AI and a sprinkling of beautiful things.


Why post blogs?

You might be thinking to yourself, what’s the point of writing blogs anyway? Some blogs take half an hour and the words just flow, and sometimes they can take 3+ hours and it’s hard work all the way, so what’s the point?

Well, posting a regular blog and building your audience is a solid way to drive traffic to your website, show them what your products are and hopefully, convince them that they are in desperate need of them. It’s also a great way to get your message out to your audience and grow your brand awareness even if they aren’t in the market to buy right at that moment.

Sometimes, it’s even a great way to sort out your own thoughts about what you think or how you feel about certain things. For example, after growing up on Terminator films I’m still feeling pretty ambiguous about AI. There, I said it. I don’t 100% trust it with my future. Think of me what you will 😁


What do you want to hear about?

I guess the point of this blog is to ask our regular readers what do you want to hear about? Are there any parts around designing and build a website that you’re struggling with and are looking for tips. Do you like our general techie style blogs? Or are you looking for something more specialised? We’re going to continue with this ‘Thought of the Day’ style blog every now and then, so we’d love to hear your thoughts!


Any final thoughts?

And there you go, after not really having a clue what to write about today I’ve finally come to the end of another blog. I hope you enjoyed it and, again, we’d love to hear any feedback you have. You can either leave it in the comments below or get in touch via email. See you next time!