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QuickTime is a great little tool available from Apple. Just like the Preview app, which does more than you think, Quicktime also has some cool features that let you create great quality videos.


First, open the video in QuickTime that you want to edit. Click Edit then Trim to start.

Then drag the yellow bar at the beginning and end to crop the video to the new start and end time. Then click Trim to close. This will create a new video that you will need to save.


There you go, it’s that easy to edit the start and end time of your video.



If you have a few videos that you want to put together into one video you can do that easily. Open the first video you want to use then highlight the additional content and drag it into the open screen. You can then move the images around and place them in the order you want them in. Then save as a new video.




New images can be saved as a .mov file. This can cause some issues because the file sizes can be quite large. There are online tools that help convert it to a more manageable file size if you need to share it via email or messenger.




Apple gives you multiple ways to share your content with just a couple of clicks.



You can also export your new video into a couple of preset options.



Record original content

You can use the built-in camera and microphone on your mac to record your own content. Go to File > New Movie Recording/New Audio Recording/New Screen Recording. By connecting an iPhone or iPad you can also create a screen recording of that device. I think that’s pretty cool!


Anything else?

Unfortunately, QuickTime 7 for Windows is no longer supported by Apple, but Windows offers its own alternative now.

Do you have any handy tips for QuickTime or another cool Apple App? We’d love to hear about it!