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Freshen up your website

As we get into the run-up to Christmas and the New Year you might be thinking that now is the perfect time to freshen up your website or even build a new one. And as a business that does this professionally, we agree with you 100%! ūüėĀ

The good thing about websites is that they can be updated regularly to keep that look fresh, while still keeping the themes and look of your business.

Could you add something seasonal to your look, tying it in with Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter? Or maybe something around various holidays would work, Valentines, Halloween, etc.?

Even a quick addition of images or adding a scrolling newsfeed from one or more of your social media channels will keep it fresh for return customers. This is all something we would love to help you with!


Quotation process 

When a potential client gets in touch we like to meet up with them in person to discuss exactly they’re looking for. Are they looking for a freshen up? Hosting? A completely new build, or a custom solution?

We like to get a complete picture so we can deliver a quote covering all their requirements.


Project process

Once we start a project a timeline is agreed upon, and we keep in regular contact with the client to make sure that they are happy. We work closly with out developers to make sure that we stay on brief and deliver exactly what the client wants.

We are happy to offer suggestions and ideas if needed but we find that people usually have a pretty clear idea about what theyre looking for. We have a creative staff thiough that can offer support and give creative suggestions if neeed.


Launch and post-launch support

At the end of the build process we offer a thorough testing service (included), this process will test out a website’s looks and function on various devices and platforms. Once a launch date is agreed upon adn we hit the switch.

We do offer a warrenty period as well, to cover any possible glitches or issues once a website goes live. We still maintain an open line of communication throughout this whole time and are confident that any issues that come up will be dealt with swiftly and in a professional manner.


Any final thoughts?

We offer various on-going support options which include SEO support, hosting, mainteance, etc. A client will also be given a dedicated Account Manager they can contact with any issues.

As always, we would love to hear from you about any thoughts you have for how you freshen up your website. If you would like to get a quotation from us for a freshen up or a new site please do get in touch.