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DTL go to The Business Show

Kevin decided a couple of months ago that he would like a team outing to The Business Show. He pre-booked us all in, so we were sent our passes in the post beforehand, along with a show guide letting us know what to expect and what speakers were. Hollie had put together a wish list of speakers she wanted to see and I had signed up for a couple of workshops, so we were ready for the day.


Coming into London on three separate train lines, logistics of us meeting at the same time at the same place was always going to be tricky. I met with Hollie in Stratford and we both bumped into Kevin at Canning Town on the DLR. Kevin was expecting to meet us at the ExCel and we had a bit of fun surprising him. We all then made our way into the ExCel together.

If you have never been to the ExCel before, it can feel quite overwhelming. It is large and full of people. There are also lots of different events going on at any one time so you have to find your show. Luckily it is one long line so the exhibition halls are easy enough to find.

What we did

When we first arrived at The Business Show, it was easy to be a little overwhelmed by not only the size of the event but also the noise. It was a constant din and sometimes it made it difficult to concentrate on what other speakers were saying.

The first thing we did when we arrived was stop by one of the first stalls we came across. It was run by the HR Patch and they were running a competition, giving away free fruit and if you post a selfie with it on their page, or tag them in it you could be in with a chance to win a prize. Well, we love that, so we were obviously in it to win it. Fingers crossed for when the results get announced.

Sarah eating fruit business show

Just for giggles, here are our photo entries. What do you think? Worthy of a win? We think so!

The Busines Show Kevin Apple

We also stopped by some other great stalls. The Thrive Team was particularly inspiring. They work with people and businesses on ways to treat employees with respect and create nurturing environments that enable team members to thrive and grow, enabling them to produce great quality work. We love this way of thinking at DTL!

The business show ExCel DTL Team

Another stall that was inspiring was run by Suzie M Cancer Health. An inspiring business run by Suzy Millette, who had gone through her own cancer survival journey. They offered a wide range of mastectomy bras from basic to quite attractive. They also offered some other cancer treatment essentials and I certainly wish them all the best in their venture.

Which seminars we saw

The business show ExCel Ian Dickson

The team attended a high energy seminar by Ian Dickson, a global business adviser who gave us 20 of his best business tips. Ian buzzed through his handy tips in 30 minutes and we took note of all of them. Some really good hints which we hope to put into place very soon. One of our favourite tips was for businesses to make the About Us page all about them. Make it personal and connect with potential customers. Another one was to keep your website fresh by making changes at least four times a year and to schedule this in. Another is that your website is never finished, this ties in with the previous tip about keeping it fresh. But regularly updating prices, posting blogs, etc. keep bringing customers back to your site with confidence and curiosity.

The business show ExCel Alex Partridge - Lad Bible

Hollie and I saw Alex Partridge in the afternoon. Alex is the founder of Lad Bible and he entertained us with the story of his many failures which ultimately led to his success. It was quite inspiring to see someone so readily own their failures and accept that without them they wouldn’t have been able to be the person they are today.

Which Masterclasses we took part in

The business show ExCel Boost your memory

Hollie and I took part in the ‘Boost Your Memory’ workshop. We both felt that our memory recall could do with some work and thought it would be a good idea. It was actually a lot of fun. We both managed to recall a long number after going through one of their memory-boosting techniques. Want to know what the number was? It was 140225129990073112271119. Believe it or not, I’ve managed to recall that number the following day without any prompts, apart from the technique from yesterday. Pretty impressive huh!?

The business show ExCel Google Ditial Garage

At the end of the day, as the last of my team to still be in attendance, I went to one of the last workshops being run by Google. This was aimed at increasing knowledge of Google Analytics (GA). I felt that this was quite a beginner’s course, as I deal with GA quite a lot in my job. I was hoping for more insights and I did pick up some useful tips. They also provide workshops in the community and this is something that DTL might be interested in providing.

Any final thoughts?

Kevin says: “The 20 business tips seminar by Ian Dickinson was my favourite thing! Especially things like; focus on leads not # of new clients or amount of turnover! Venue was excellent, nice amount of swag handed out. Top exhibitor tip, if you want people to post on your Facebook page, make sure ‘permissions’ allow them to post!”

I personally think it was a good idea to go to The Business Show, and we saw lots of other businesses and picked up lots of great ideas. Would we go again? I think yes, but maybe not every year. There were probably a lot more speakers we could have heard and been inspired by but time constraints on the day meant we were limited to the few we saw. It would be good to take more time to hear what more people had to say.

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Do you or your team attend any exhibitions or events like this? What are your thoughts on whether it’s worth attending as a business.