I wanted to wish you a very Happy New Year and hope that you had an amazing Christmas. This blog post is a bit about DTL’s journey over last year, and a massive thank you to our suppliers, employees & freelancers, and customers!

The Trampery Pathways programme

I wanted to share some gratitude to the Trampery Pathways too. It’s an entrepreneurship programme I’ve been on since September and has recently come to a close. The biggest thing for me was learning that I don’t have all the answers, and it’s been a massive wakeup call and challenge for me, in my approach to my business, and how I balance my life with my business.

For that I have to thank the organisers, and also the participants that helped challenge me through what’s called an “Inquiry Session”, and the people that supported me, when I thought I was too broken to go back to the programme.

It’s taught me to stop working in the business, and work on the business – thus I’ve developed a business plan, sales strategy, and our marketing & content strategy is in progress as we speak!

It’s taught me to define a company structure, roles & responsibilities, and to delegate more. More so, it’s improved my ability to delegate and to trust.

The biggest learning has been mindful productivity – about respecting one’s energy levels and working cycles; and giving myself permission to work super hard when I’m on it. And take time off or on less productive things when I’m not.

Top achievements of 2019

It’s always good to reflect and do a retro and look back at achievements from the previous year; and we’re really grateful that there have been many!

  • Making it to my first year as an incorporated company and going full time in my business. My dream was to have a business that I was in full time – and I’ve achieved that in 2019 – woo!
  • As a team, working together to win the work to do Domeble, and then to actually carry out the project, develop the code, and deliver what is a stunning website or platform for the clients amazing photography.
  • Transitioning from taking a ‘scatter gun’ approach and fire-fighting approach in 2018, to a much more mindful and stable (and process based) approach to delivery. With more focus on developing the strategy for things like sales and marketing, which were starting to show progress as we came to the end of 2019.

Things to improve and learnings from 2019

  • Learning to handle rejection; it’s hard sometimes not to take it personally when you’ve put a lot of effort into a quote and pitch, and the answer comes back as no. However, we’ve been building our resilience, and always remember that every ‘no’ is one ‘no’ closer to a ‘yes’!
  • We have mentioned this elsewhere, but we are formulating a cohesive strategy for our marketing, rather than taking a scatter gun approach – so watch this space. The first thing to watch out for is our brand new ‘hero’ video – which will be published very soon!
  • Earlier on in the year we had developed a pricing strategy, that ruled out clients with a smaller budget/entry level budget – who are more than happy with a templated solution. So, we listened, and have now developed a much more competitive entry level offering, whilst still having full design and build capability for the clients that require this.

Big thank you

We are grateful to our key suppliers; especially our hosting provider who we’ve been working with in 2019, providing us and our clients a fantastic service.

Thank you to our employees and freelancers, we could not have done any of what we did without the people with the ideas, enthusiasm and talent, who make our work happen.

Our customers are at the heart of what makes us exists, and we are extremely grateful to everyone that has continued to work with us, and all our new customers in 2019.

A big celebration too

November was a pretty big month for us. We celebrated one whole year as a limited company. As I have said, it’s always been a dream of mine to have my own company, and to make it to a year was a great moment for us as a company, and for me as the Founder, to be able to celebrate with my friends and family. A moment to stop and take check, to realise all that has been accomplished over the last year. It was pretty emotional and I had a brilliant evening!

I should also mention that as a team we decided to award my mum, Margaret Gordon, with the honour of our number one fan. Not only has she been an amazing support to me personally but she has also been cheering us on from the very beginning. And while she unfortunately couldn’t be there on the night, she was surprised and glad to receive the award. Thanks mum!

Thanks, and looking ahead to 2020

So, thanks again everyone that has supported us through 2019. I also need to say a big thanks to our business mentors, and families that have also supported us! Looking ahead to 2020 we’re excited, we believe we have a robust business plan to see us through the next 12 months, and we have some exciting projects lined up. But we’re not resting on our laurels, we’re working hard to execute our sales and marketing strategy, to continue to operate and grow. So happy new year, and watch this space for more details of our 2020 plans!

Merry Christmas & happy new year.

Kevin Gordon & The DTL team


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