How to build a business website for free – I’m going to cover a few methods that can be followed for creating a website for free, and then talk a bit about the advantages and disadvantages of this approach.

Approach 1 – The business page route

There are many platforms out there, and business listing websites, that you can sign up for free, and they will give you a page with a unique URL in which you can share details of your business.

DTLs LinkedIn business page

DTLs LinkedIn business page

1. LinkedIn e.g. – you can get a unique friendly URL and publish insightful content, and build an audience on that platform


DTLs Facebook business page

DTLs Facebook business page


2. Facebook – quite similar to LinkedIn – you can also build a community – boost your posts and create groups and events.

DTLs local Google business page

DTLs local Google business page

3. Google Local business – you can manage your business page on the local business directory on Google – but you can also publish a simple website for your business!

Approach 2 – The free WIX route

The Wix website platform has a wealth of templates that you can use, and get your website up and running. The premium / paid templates are better, however.

In addition, the free version of Wix means you will have a domain that is a subdomain of Wix e.g. something like – this has disadvantages of not appearing legitimate and trustworthy, and also negatively impacts SEO (Search Engine Optimisation – your performance in search engines e.g. Google).

Furthermore, it will also clearly have a Wix stamp on the website to show it is a free website built in Wix. The advantages are that you can do this all for free.

Approach 3 – The free AWS (Amazon Web Services route)

Amazon has a static file hosting repository called “S3” and on the free tier, you can host files on S3 for free. The magic here is that you can turn these files into a website with a unique URL. The disadvantages are that the URL will not be a friendly URL (you need a domain name for that, which does cost). In addition, the files are static (and not content managed) so you would have to know (or learn) HTML, Javascript, and CSS to take advantage of this route. However, for some, this works really well!

Other approaches to building a website for free

Those are our favourite approaches – but there are likely many more out there, a quick Google gives a wealth of results! It is the above three approaches that we’d recommend here at Digital Technology Labs.

In conclusion and next steps or your free website

So that’s a few ways you can build a website for free (in terms of low external expenditure). There’s still no getting away from the fact building a website does consume your time. How precious or valuable is your time?

Thank you.


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