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Kevin Gordon

Kevin Gordon

Director and founder

Author Kevin is a published writer in NET magazine, the UK’s leading Web Design and Development magazine monthly. Here he talks about how we optimised the DTL website, and how you can optimise yours.


So what ways are there of optimising your website, and what ways can you actually optimise your website that works. Here is a sneak peek into what we’ve been doing and a chance to sign-up to get an early view of this information straight to your inbox.

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We’re optimising our website, busy bees we have been.

What ways of optimising my site are there?

There are many ways to optimise your site, you should consider SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – to help optimise the content for your readers, and for search engines to put your content in front of these readers. Important also is the speed of your website, speed optimisation makes sure your website loads fast. Also there is user experience optimisation, and of course click rate optimisation. User experience (the journeys users take, and interactions they make) should be optimised, and Google Analytics plus a ‘heat mapping’ tool – can show you what users are doing and help you tweak your website for the benefit of those users. Click rate optimisation involves setting up google analytics and appropriate events, goals, and funnels – so you can track when people are taking actions (such as play video, or get in contact) – and you can start to optimise your pages to increase the rate at which people do these interactions. So, your website is not performing? It doesn’t mean you need to throw it away and start again, with a bit of work we have seen significant improvements in website performance for a number of clients.

So what results have we seen?

We were able to reduce the homepage load time from 7-20 seconds down to under 2 seconds. The number of objects downloaded from over 100 to under 50. The bounce rate of our site has fallen significantly. What will follow is a report/synopsis of all the optimisations and changes we have made to the site to make these significant improvements. A sneak peek of some of the tools we recommend you should use: Hotjar, GTMetrix, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, etc. Sign up now to be first to receive all the details about the optimisations we’ve been doing! In the meantime why not check out our video https://www.digitaltechnologylabs.com/2020/01/16/build-a-business-website-for-free/ on how to build a business website for free. Or view our presentation on de-mystifying web design here: https://www.digitaltechnologylabs.com/2019/10/21/demystifying-web-design/.  

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