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Kevin Gordon

Kevin Gordon

Director and founder

Author Kevin is director of Digital Technology Labs and has been published in NET magazine, the UK’s leading Web Design and Development magazine monthly. Here he talks about how DTL is improving their own website, and how they are going about doing it.


A quick overview of how we’re improving our website, from research, planning, through to a discussion of how we’re going to be building the new site.

Synthesis session smaller

We’re looking at improving our website. We’re doing this by conducting research, planning the changes and then we will be rebuilding the site.

Conducting research

The first step is to conduct some “usability labs” – which are sessions recorded on video conferencing, with a volunteer, of up to an hour. In this session we use what’s called a “discussion guide” to acquire the volunteer’s consent, and guide them through the website, giving them the opportunity to give us candid feedback.

Receiving feedback

It’s important to re-assure the volunteer that they can speak freely and completely candidly – often this is where you get the most value. Its also very important to not take the feedback personally. When you’ve spent a long time on your website, it can be hard to take criticism, and some of the feedback we got was very candid. But it’s this feedback that is most valuable, and most insightful, and will allow us to significantly improve our website.

Planning the changes

We call the next step a “synthesis session” – we have overlaid postits of all the feedback on screen grabs of the different pages of our website. From this we get an impression of the overall feedback, and also we can spot trends of things needing improvement. Furthermore we can spot ideas for changes that we can make too.

Rebuilding the site

One of the biggest challenges we are facing is writing decent copy (copy-editing) and defining our services in an engaging way. This is something we’re currently looking at answers for / and appropriate suppliers for, we have a short list and will be reaching out to them soon!

The actual build

We are looking to build from scratch, importing in all our blog posts, setting redirects for important content, and rebuilding the website this time experimenting with Elementor. Alternatively we will be using Elegant Themes DIVI or building based on Bootstrap and ACF (Advanced Custom Forms).

Bringing it all together

So we identified an issue, and have been conducing research to determine the highest priority issues, and easiest things to change. We’re currently re-designing the website, and shall be engaging copy editor(s) to rewrite the content.

So watch this space for the launch of our new website.





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