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Author Hollie has now left Digital Technology Labs to continue her career in web development. She left us a little parting gift by way of this blog. Thank you, Hollie, for your diligence while you were with us and we wish you all the best as you continue your professional journey into web development. We publish this blog in her place. It’s all about how your business can benefit from having an effective website.


These days, almost everyone will check out a business online before they decide to part with their cash. In the current circumstances, having an online presence is even more important than before.

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Top 5 Benefits of Having an Effective Website

These days, almost everyone will check out a business online before they decide to part with their cash. In the current circumstances, having an online presence is even more important than before.

First impressions count and when someone decides to visit your business website, you want to ensure that your website is visually appealing, up to date and built with the user in mind.  These things, in turn, lead to an effective website and can make a big difference in the success of your business. 

Below are 5 top benefits to your business when you have an effective website.

1. Helping customers understand what you offer

A lot of people visit a website before making contact with the business in question.  Your website can help visitors understand exactly what it is you offer and how it is offered.

A good website acts as a resource for its visitors, meaning that it has lots of different content answering any questions someone may have about your business and giving further information. This type of informative and detailed content comes in the form of an About section, case studies and testimonials, among other possible additions, such as services. These all contribute to keeping site visitors well informed about how your business operates, what you can do for them or their business and how successful you are in your field.

2. Building your brand

Customers care whether a business they’re thinking of buying from has a website – it provides a layer of reassurance that’s simply expected these days. A good website and associated social media accounts will get your brand noticed – and get people talking about you to their networks. Being perceived in a positive light through your online presence will help spread the message of what your business stands for.

You might also want to consider building your brand further by sending out a monthly, or maybe just quarterly, newsletter pointing your customers to the latest content on your website or special offers.

3. Maintaining your reputation

Resting on your laurels just isn’t an option where your web presence is concerned – make sure you keep your site and social accounts looking fresh with relevant, up-to-date content.

Your loyal customers may not be quite as willing to part with their cash if all they see of your business is an old blog with posts from three years ago. Whether you offer physical products or services, your customers need to know that you care about how you come across.

4. Marketing your products or services

While printed ads, flyers and posters may still have their place in certain situations for certain businesses, they tend to be costly and take longer to prepare.

So when it comes to getting your message across, investing in a good website and associated social media accounts (and keeping these platforms up to date) is likely to make your business life easier in the long run.

5. Keeping up with the competition

The internet is always on and available just about everywhere, which means customers can find what they’re looking for in seconds. Most (if not all) your competitors will likely have a website, and one that is kept up to date with fresh content will stand out in the crowd.

Good websites transcend basic functionality and fulfil a further purpose of advertising and presenting your business well, highlighting your strengths and drawing focus to what sets you apart.

Good web design and development cements your company’s credibility as an industry leader through a professional look and good user experience. The better the user experience, interactivity and visual design of your website, the more credible and legitimate your company appears to your site’s visitors and potential clients/customers/collaborators.

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