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Sarah Chin-a-Loy

Sarah Chin-a-Loy

Account Manager

Author Sarah has been working for Digital Technology Labs since their inception and has been the author of many of their blogs. Here she talks about a great new project we’ve been involved in.


We are proud to announce the new website for a brand new photo competition, the Domeble Symetri Student Awards. We loved working on this project. Read on to find out more.

Domeble Symetri student awards homepage

Digital Technology is proud to present the new website for the brand new Domeble Symetri Student Awards.

A bit of background

Digital Technology Labs recently had the opportunity to work with Carl from Domeble and Nick from Symetri to build and launch a website for a brand new national 3D/CGI/VR photo competition.

Carl and Nick have a number of years working in the industry and are passionate about furthering the profession and mentoring new talent coming up in the industry. Carl fondly remembers entering into photo competitions when he was in university and just starting out and is excited to be launching these awards.

Watch the welcome videos from the competition founders to hear what they have to say:

The Competition

The competition will accept entries from 9:00 am on Monday, 9th November and you can upload your entries HERE. The intention was to have the initial Awards as a national competition only with the hope to expand in the future as the name and brand awareness raises over the coming years.

However, it’s exciting to note that there has already been some international interest and a new category has been added to address this. The Best International Student. Watch this space though, if the Awards are as popular as hoped then the international section could expand in the future!

There are currently 13 categories, including a Best College category, and while the prizes are still being finalised there are already promises of cash prizes, internships, mentoring sessions and masterclasses, as well as an award.

The Domeble Symetri Students Awards are planning a big awards evening ceremony where the awards presentations will take place, allowing for Covid-19 of course, and we all very much hope that this will all be in the past by then!

Where do we come in?

So where does Digital Technology Labs come into this, not being in the photo game like Domeble and Symetri? Well, having worked with Domeble extensively in the past we were approached with a sponsor deal to create the competition’s website and we were thrilled to be asked to take part in this way.

Initially starting with a temple and then customising it in line with the vision of the competition founders, we’ve had some fun with this website

There are some really cool features that we are quite pleased with. Have a look on the homepage at the section at the bottom. Hover over the images and there is a cool like animation.

domeble symetri student awards hover ovr example

There were also some trickier elements, such as, in line with their branding, we were asked to add floating brand colour boxes to the header images on each page. This was actually a little trickier than we first thought, especially to make it mobile responsive, but our founder, Kevin Gordon, worked his magic and made it work and we’re pleased with the outcome.

Domeble Symetri student awards header image example

We also added the brand colours to the category boxes as gradient borders, and this is a pretty cool look and we think it looks great on mobile too.

Domeble Symetri student awards category example

What next?

Check out the Domeble Symetri Student Awards Facebook and Instagram, get your competition entries ready and when the competition opens, apply for your chosen category/categories. Digital Technology Labs have been very proud to work on this project and we wish you all the best of luck!

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