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Sarah Chin-a-Loy

Sarah Chin-a-Loy

Account Manager

Author Sarah has been working for Digital Technology Labs since their inception and has been the author of many of their blogs. Here she talks about a great new project we’ve been involved in.


Taking the opportunity to look back over the last year in our 2020 retrospective and looking forward to what next year will bring.

2020 retrospective

2020 retrospective

So what have we learned from looking back over the last year, our 2020 retrospective? Mostly that if we could go back and skip this year we would right!?

Well, maybe not. Admittedly this year has been epic, stressful, uncertain and unparalleled. All the big words in fact. But to be honest we have been able to work with and help not only our amazing regular clients but we have also had the opportunity to work with some fabulous new clients on some exciting projects.


Happy New Year

After celebrating Christmas in style in 2019 and ringing in the New Year, it all started so hopefully in January 2020. We were looking forward to whatever may come over the next twelve months. We had plans to show our services at exhibitions like the Billericay & Stock Expo in March and others throughout the year. Initially, we found this sort of thing a bit intimidating but the more we did the more we enjoyed meeting new people and networking, networking, networking.

Mostly this all stopped during lockdown due to restrictions but a few organisations found interesting ways to keep the communication lines open. As we all know Zoom became the best thing since sliced bread as we all learned to communicate online, in the business world and in our personal lives. Other networking groups found workarounds like net-walking, getting our in the fresh air while we can and still keeping the lines of communication open.



Then this happened. As we’ve already blogged about, DTL shut down and we went onto the furlough scheme during lockdown one. We seem to have weathered the storm ok and are carrying on as busy as usual.

We did however lose one of our valued colleagues due to the financial uncertainty. Hollie, unfortunately, took her amazing talents elsewhere and we miss her terribly, although we wish her all the best in her new career.



Over the year we have had the privilege to work on lots of new projects. Domeble Symetri Student Awards, BIMAOfstrandG1 Consulting, Go Rentals and Sales and a website refresh for our longstanding client, Craig Lodge Upholstery, to name but a few.

Each new project has been an exciting challenge and we have loved getting to know every new client as well as keep in touch with all our current clients.

Client Logos



We have also decided that there’s nothing to lose by being a bit cheeky and asking for a review here and there. Reviews are a real trust marker but it can be difficult so here goes nothing right?

If you have been happy with the service we provided you at any time we would be grateful if you could leave us a review either at our Google Business page or some feedback on our Facebook page. We would be ever so grateful 😉 Just click on the logo below to be taken through to the right place.

Facebook business google business



This year we were very pleased to work with Angie from A.N.G. Creative Design to design a Christmas Card which we sent out to a number of people. What a pleasure to work with a creative and passionate designer.

Christmas Card visual


What’s next?

We are now looking forward to the future, to 2021 and beyond and hopefully better times ahead for us all. We are having new marketing materials created and a photo shoot will be scheduled in the New Year.

Keep your eye out for all the fabulous projects and posts on social media we’ll be working on in the future.

We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year, from the DTL team!

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