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Kevin Gordon

Kevin Gordon

Director and founder

Author Kevin is director of Digital Technology Labs and has been published in NET magazine, the UK’s leading Web Design and Development magazine monthly. Here he talks about DTL’s approach to dyslexia testing and accessibility.


Why is it important to make sure your website and apps’ local SEO is up-to-date and accurate? More than three-quarters of local searches on Google lead to a phone call and increased visibility can put your business ahead of nearby rivals.


Every business owner worth their salt knows about search engine optimisation (SEO) and the importance of keywords when it comes to their Google rankings. The more precise and tailored they are to your business, the more likely it is you’ll be higher up any search results.

SEO has come a long, long way since the early, awful days of keyword stuffing, and has evolved to include international, national and local SEO – to name but three. We’ll focus on the last one, and explain why local SEO is crucial for businesses looking to stand out from the crowd in their backyard.

A direct link to customers

The reason for having good local SEO is crystal clear: more than 75% of local searches result in a phone call. It’s an impressive figure and business no company can afford to miss out on. So, where do you start?

The first thing to do is create a contact page as part of your website – this is something we can help with. It should feature up-to-date information including your business name, address, social media contacts, e-mail and a phone number that can be clicked from a smartphone. Remember: 30% of mobile searches are location-related.

One thing to note for smaller firms: include your contact details at the bottom of every webpage, as well as the contact page.

Boost your credibility with Google Maps

Once your contact page is ready, it’s time to identify your business directly on Google Maps. The best way to do this is by embedding your website in the local area map, highlighting your business location.

As well as making sure anyone using Google’s search facility can find you, it will also boost your credibility as a local business, increasing your visibility – it’s the ultimate virtuous circle.

Don’t forget the Schema Markup

You can be forgiven for not having a clue about what Schema Markup is but we know it’s one of the least-used, yet most powerful forms of SEO, with fewer than one third of websites using it. Those who do have dubbed it a “virtual business card”.

So, what does it do? Essentially, it reindexes a website’s content AND tells the search engine what it means. That additional information enriches the search results and can boost your SERPs ranking by an average of four positions than those without. If your site doesn’t have this, talk to us.

Get an added edge

So, you’ve done all of the above – now comes the difficult second album: creating as many online profiles as possible. First you have to find as many reputable local directories or websites to join, and submit a pitch-perfect business profile for every application.

You may even be knocked back from time to time but don’t be discouraged! For every directory or site that does accept your business profile, it’s another boost to your local visibility and could give you the edge over nearby rivals.

After all, customers won’t contact a business they can’t find. Drop us a line and let’s chat about how we can make you stand out from the crowd.

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