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Kevin Gordon

Kevin Gordon

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Author Kevin is director of Digital Technology Labs and has been published in NET magazine, the UK’s leading Web Design and Development magazine monthly. Here he talks about DTL’s approach to dyslexia testing and accessibility.


Most businesses have an online presence, but what makes a good website? We take a look at the five key ingredients that will ensure your brand stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

what makes a good website

The internet has come a long, long way from the early days, when we watched loading bars slide from one side of the screen to the other, or spent the first 10 minutes after opening a new page shutting down the 8,000 pop-ups that sprang into life.

These days, sites are sleek and slick, responsive and tailored, engaging and entertaining. Of course there’s a whole host of technology going on behind the scenes to make it all work in the blink of an eye, begging the question: what makes a good website?

Here are our top five tips to creating a good website:

Content is everything

Whether your site is image-led, dominated by videos or contains deep-dive blog posts aimed at your target audience, the quality of your website will be judged by the quality of its content, and the SEO underpinning it.

All your content should be seeded (not stuffed!) with keywords relevant to your business, brand and sector, enabling search engines to rank your site as highly as possible, supported by backlinks to trusted sources that will boost your standing with Google.

Content should be regularly updated or refreshed to make your website ‘sticky’ and as engaging as possible for your audience, who are then more likely to buy what you’re selling.

Usable and intuitive

Websites that are quick to load and easy to navigate will barely register with users, but sites which are slow, cumbersome and complicated will stand out from the crowd for all the wrong reasons, no matter how good the content.

When building your website or working with a developer, you should always have your ideal customer’s journey at the front of mind. Are you meeting their needs? Do they know where they are on a site? How easy is it to navigate? Are the pages cluttered and confusing?

Try to predict what visitors are likely to do and what pain points they are looking to solve, then make it as easy as possible for them to do so.

Get the look right

There is so much more to website design these days than matching a background colour with a few stock images. Investing in a site that’s made to measure for your brand not only makes good financial sense, it’s better for your business in the long run.

That’s because a beautifully crafted website will reflect and promote your brand, boosting your credibility among customers as well as search engine rankings.

Our team will ensure you get this spot on, covering every aspect of design and functionality, including added goodies such as payment integration for ecommerce sites, or client logins to enhance security.

Show and tell

So, you’ve got a great-looking site, packed with brilliant content and brimming with relevant keywords. Now it’s time to start attracting your ideal customers with a solid marketing strategy.

Knowing your audience is a key part of marketing your website, so target your social media posts to the platforms where you know your ideal customers will be.

When you’ve attracted them to your website, there should be lots of opportunities for them to sign up to a newsletter, increasing the chances of regular visitors to your site, boosting your rankings.

Encourage a conversation

All good websites enable interaction between a brand and their customers, whether it’s through product unveils on closed social media groups, or via comments sections under blog posts.

This feedback not only confirms whether you are making your customers happy, it can also become a virtuous circle: bolstering your website’s search engine ranking as it boosts your SEO, attracting more visitors, generating more leads and potentially increasing sales.

So, thoughtful design, intelligent, regularly updated content, well-researched keywords, a targeted marketing strategy and enabling customer feedback are the ingredients for a good website. Drop us a line if you need help turning them into a perfect, finished product.

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