Whilst we’re super busy on client accounts and projects, we carve out regular time to publish new content for you, at least two times per month! Check out our latest posts below. You’ll find a variety of content about our industry and local areas (including Essex and London).

How to stay sane working from home

Working from home... what a nightmare! Well, it doesn't have to be. We're all going through stressful times at the moment with reaction to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and with the school's now closing, more people than ever will be facing working from home for the...

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Agile & Kanban: What it means to us.

In this blog post, Sarah talks about the Agile mindset we have adopted, what this means for us, and a bit about the Kanban board we use.

With the team working on big projects and figuring out work coming up on the horizon, we have been looking at productivity and streamlining the work process. Our old processes weren’t working and we needed to rethink what we were doing and how we were working. We have adopted Agile Product Management and Kanban to help us streamline our work.

What is an away day anyway?

An Away Day is time set aside out of the office where you get together as a team to meet, plan and discuss important longer-term goals and direction of your business.

At Digital Technology Labs, we decided that it would be valuable to us to spend time away from the day to day buzz of the office, away from distracting phone calls and endless emails, to spend concentrated time on future planning and strategising for the business.

Handy hints for a Mac user

As you may know from some of the previous blogs we just love an Apple Mac product here at DTL. Macbooks are just lovely machines and we really enjoy working with them. If you’ve tried one, then you know that there are some differences from a PC and while some are minor some can be pretty major. We’ve put together our favourite hints and tips for working smarter on a Mac. Once you start using these hints and tips you’ll thank us. Not only will it help you work more efficiently, but you’ll also look like a total pro!

You can do this really easily using the print function without having to install any new software.

Relaxation corner

How to maintain a work/life balance

Relaxation techniques are important for business

How to relax in seven steps for the business entrepreneur



Sarah is our lead content creator, eagerly supported by Kevin, and occasionally supplying a gold nugget, Hollie. We’re all based in Essex and London, including Basildon, Chelmsford, Rochford, and Tottenham.




Sarah leads up our content creation. She posts at least twice a month, and you can view all her fabulous blog posts here.




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