Kevin talks about DTLs services

Our services can help solve your business problems. We’re a boutique web design agency headed up by Kevin Gordon BSC MBCS of 18 years IT and digital experience (from bluechip companies such as Ford Motor Company and Worldpay) – your very own ‘website guru’.

Our clients include Essex County Council, UK based media agencies (such as DMA Media and Gravitas), and London based international photographer Carl Lyttle and his latest automotive photography eCommerce store; Domeble – all online experiences and websites that we are very proud to have created!

Kevin talks about these services for you.

With your requirements (no matter the complexity) we’ll listen, empathise; delivering your project professionally and competently for your important investment.

Whether big or small we pride ourselves on understanding your needs and aim to provide solutions through the services we offer. Through project delivery, and on-going support, from websites, apps, digital signage through to digital experiences.

And were something to go wrong? Let’s face it the larger the budget and more complex the problem, the more expertise you need – so you’ve got Kevin’s direct number, let us ensure the highest quality, and we’ll put it right if you were not to be completely satisfied.

Web development

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Web design

Please don’t just take our word for it

It’s a lot of money to invest, no matter how big or small – it’s important to choose the right partner for your project. Everyone’s going to say they are amazing – so who can you trust? Check out our examples, reviews, and testimonials.

DTL provided us with bespoke web development across multiple websites. Highly professional outfit, friendly, very flexible, great value and really solid expertise and experience. Definitely recommended.

Ashley Holloway, Chief Technology Officer, DMA Media

We can be your trusted partner – see the proof

See the Domeble example

Services utilised: website development, bespoke WordPress template development, front end development, back end development, payments gateway integration (eCommerce), subscriptions integration, user account & login functionality development, testing, testing on Virtual Reality devices, project delivery & project management, hosting, performance management and optimisation, on-going support (bug/defect fixes and new feature development), visual user experience design & graphic design work, training.

Technologies used: WordPress, PHP, HTML/CSS/Javascript, jQuery, Image library APIs, Caching functionality, Braintree payments gateway, Google cardboard (and Vive & Oculus Rift, etc) integration.



Consultations – Detailed requirements gathering & creative questionnaire – getting all your needs in full detail.



Design – Site mapping, content aggregation & curation, whether templated or a bespoke design, helping you choose a template, through to User experience (wireframing) design, Graphic design (User Interface design), visual identity development, styleguide creation.


Development – developing your project, website development, payments integration, API integration, complex graphic work, virtual reality, augmented reality, app development, digital signage development, app development, proof of concept creation (new technologies). Interesting front end or back end library / API / SDK integrations.


Testing – working together to test, functionality, look and feel, proofreading, performance testing, mobile, and multiple device responsiveness testing. Testing on high res screens 4K+ and other novel hardware such as smart TVs and Virtual Reality devices. Penetration testing, thorough vulnerability analysis, and testing on your new website/hosting/digital-experience.

Go live

Go live – Launch plan development, and the seamless launch of your project. Offering a warranty period, to resolve anything that may occur post-launch.


Training – Training, whether over video conferences, writing of documetation or screenshots, capturing of video tutorials, or formal training for you and your team.


Support – Everything afterward / on-going support, including hosting maintenance/support and security protection. On-going bug/defect fixes, and new feature development, changes small or big. Up-time monitoring, performance monitoring, and tweaking. Analytics monitoring and reporting. On-going optimisations, speed testing, and optimisation. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – optimising the copy, structure, and tech to perform well for search engines. Simple Search Engine Results Performance (SERP) improvement strategies. Tag manager events tracking, funnel configuration, structurally optimising the site to enhance engagement and lead generation. Optimisation for sharing through social. Blog publishing and content generation. Advertising campaign implementation through paid per click (PPC) search engine campaigns and social media boosting.

Referrals for other services – we know our expertise sweet spot, need something for your project we don’t do, we have lovely photographers, videographers, copyeditors, PR, digital marketing, sales, marketing, social media, and lead generation specialists.



Please let you know what your requirements are. Also please do review our privacy policy, which details what data we receive, store and under specific circumstances how this can be shared.

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