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Kevin talks about DTLs services

We ‘do’ websites:
Providing web development, web design, support & hosting services; ensuring your business is beautifully crafted online.

Web Design

We design websites. What are you looking to achieve with your website? We can help shape your solution. Will you be marketing a product or service? Selling online and taking orders & payments? Offering an eCommerce channel? Acquiring subscriptions?

Its not just how it looks, its about the design of the experience; both from customers and your team’s point of view. And providing a website that supports your business model.


And how will it look? Do you want a totally unique design (higher budget) versus a customised template (less budget required)?

What platform would you like your website on? WordPress, WIX, SquareSpace, Shopify (huh😱 – let us help you choose ☺️)

Want to edit your site yourself? Go for a CMS (Content Management System), and need help with that? Let us train you.


Kevin talks about DTLs services

Web Development

We build websites; through fabulous project management, web development and testing. Have you got a blank canvas or do you have a design for us to work with? We can design and build from scratch, or develop your site from your design.

Building SEO friendly, accessible, responsive and secure websites; let us beautifully craft your website, and provide you an online platform that will continue to grow with your business.

Support & Hosting

We support and host websites. Supporting your website with enhancements, contents changes, updates, and bug fix support.

We also provide Training, and guidance on how to make the changes yourself.

Hosting your online services including websites and email. Providing website backups, and secuirty protection against malware, hacking and DDoS attacks on your website.

Our Prices (For your budget)

What is your budget for your project? Have you got less than £500 to spend to get online? Well we offer a one-pager website build starting at £299 + VAT.

Remember, the more complex requirements and features that are necessary, the higher your budget will need to be.

For example, a complex multi-page custom eCommerce store could cost between £3K and £7K +VAT, or more, depending on your goals, requirements.

We do have standard packages – but tell us what you need and what your budget is and we can see what is achieveable for you.

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